Yay, you created the perfect bundle product: How to sell it effectively? ConnectPOS Content Creator September 7, 2023

Yay, you created the perfect bundle product: How to sell it effectively?

Yay, you created the perfect bundle product: How to sell it effectively?

Creating bundle products is an approach taken by many firms from every type of sector. Still, the question is how to sell it effectively. Check out this post for the answer.

What are bundle products?

Bundle products refer to some goods being grouped (or bundled) together. Then, these will be sold as one unit for a unit price. You can take this approach to motivate shoppers to purchase more items. For instance, Happy Meals from McDonald’s does not put fries, soda as well as burgers as separate sales. Instead, the company decides to sell them a bundle product. As a result, compared to separate offers, there are more sales generated from the combo. 

If you want to be as successful as McDonald’s in that practice, you can consider using the bundle products feature enabled by ConnectPOS. ConnectPOS is a top point of sale solution provider that has a commitment to helping you stimulate needs as well as boosting revenue.

Classification of bundle products

  • Pure bundles: Customers can only buy a component product as a bundle instead of as standalone goods.
  • New product bundles: You bundle newly-released items along with famous or current items as a promotion.
  • Mix-and-match product bundles: You make a list of goods and allow your shoppers to select from and create their custom product bundle from the choices available.
  • Cross-sell bundles: Complementary goods are sold as an add-on to the key goods. 
  • Gifting bundles: Complementary goods are grouped for shoppers to buy as a gift to their loved ones.
  • Inventory clearance product bundles: A popular product is paired with a stagnant one. This kind of bundle helps with inventory clearance.
  • Buy-one-get-one product bundles: This method is used when your customers purchase the main product, they have the choice to get another item without having to pay.
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How to sell bundle products effectively

Group complementary goods

We advise you to think like your shoppers, which means that you should consider which items you have the highest chance of purchasing at the same time. You can group goods usually bought together. For example, in case you sell DYI backpacks on your eCommerce store, you can make bundle products also including locks.

Utilize suggestions

We also advise you to upsell with eCommerce suggestions. According to figures, more than 34% of every buy on Amazon is from recommendations, a lot of which are bundle products.

Bundle goods smartly

Instead of the total of its inclusions, shoppers see a bundle’s value as its inclusions’ average. In case a product in the product bundle has a very lower value, shoppers will automatically consider the value of the average as low. Therefore, in case you plan to group goods with high and low value, what should you do? Please guarantee that they give decent overall value regarding congruity as well as experience. For example, you can create descriptions of the compatibility of these goods as a bundle. In other words, give convincing reasons for grouping them. In conclusion, bundle products give added value to the goods by giving more items or attributes to the shopper’s existing buy. Reach us for more information.

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