How To Effectively Manage Magento Configurable Products? ConnectPOS Content Creator September 24, 2023

How To Effectively Manage Magento Configurable Products?

Magento Configurable Products

What are configurable products?

A configurable product has several different options. It may, for example, be a dress that comes in a variety of colors, lengths, and sizes. Or a shower gel that comes in a variety of flavors and bottle sizes. For the buyer, this means choosing from a variety of product attributes before making a purchase. Magento store owners can select configurable items to simplify a product manager’s workflow. A configurable product is useful but can easily cause inconvenience if not managed carefully. Here are some tips you should know in managing Magento configurable products.

Steps to create configurable products in Magento

For a more extensive description, visit the Magento website. Here you can see the overview of the basic steps required to create Magento configurable products:

  • Step 1: Choose the product type
  • Step 2: Choose the attribute set
  • Step 3: Complete the required settings
  • Step 4: Complete the basic settings
  • Step 5: Save and continue

How to manage configurable products in Magento?

Update content

Make sure the description of the configurable products is updated over time, which reflects the right status of the product. In online shopping, it is essential for customers to be informed about the product they are planning to buy. As configurable products have multiple options to choose from, sometimes certain options are not immediately available, or there might be changes in that product. It would be also useful to highlight any improvements in the product whenever possible, for example, “a more eco-friendly material”.

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Moreover, research has shown that the majority of shoppers (58 million people) prefer shopping online on Black Friday and Cyber Monday to avoid crowds. Therefore, remember to also update the online content about promotions that are happening, so that to better attract customers.

Redesign product page and category page

Since there are multiple attributes to choose from, it can be wise to redesign the product/category page for the most convenient browsing experience. From a customer perspective, the webpage can be quite overwhelming for them to approach several types of products with one click. Therefore, a well-organized and neat webpage is needed to improve the shopping experience. You can, for example, divide all products into categories and subcategories for a faster searching process.

Spread the words about the products

When the product and webpage are ready, it is time to promote the items. Configurable products often attract customers by their diversity in colors, size, or materials. While browsing, some customers might not be aware of such variety to choose from. Therefore, it is useful to highlight the outstanding features of particular configurable products on the front page or on social accounts. In this way, you can attract more customers by highlighting the special features that already exist. Configurable products can be used as a cost-effective tool for marketing and promotion.


All in all, managing configurable products in Magento can be a plus or a minus for your business, depending on how you make use of them. We hope that these tips can help you to provide a better e-commerce experience for customers.Are you planning to open an online store?

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