How to earn money from eCommerce: Expert Tips for O2O success Huong Vu October 17, 2023

How to earn money from eCommerce: Expert Tips for O2O success

How to earn money from eCommerce: Expert Tips for O2O success

In today’s digital age, the world of online commerce offers immense opportunities for businesses to thrive and succeed. However, navigating the eCommerce landscape and achieving O2O (Online-to-Offline) success requires strategic insights and expert guidance. 

In this post, we’ll delve into valuable tips and strategies from industry experts on how to earn money from eCommerce, empowering you to maximize your eCommerce potential and boost your revenue streams.

Google local inventory ads

Utilizing Google’s local inventory ads (LIAs) can significantly boost both foot traffic to your physical stores and online store visibility. These ads offer shoppers essential information such as opening hours, proximity, prices, and available stock, alongside the retailer/brand details.

By harnessing the power of consumers’ locations and optimizing product data, LIAs ensure that relevant ads from nearby stores, with the help of optimized Google My Business (GMB) listings, are presented to potential customers based on their phone’s GPS signal. As a result, the chances of attracting visitors to your offline stores increase substantially. 

Location targeting with Facebook Ads

When executed effectively, Facebook Ads have the potential to significantly impact your ROI, but achieving optimal results relies on having well-optimized product data.

Facebook’s Ad service offers businesses the ability to target users based on interests, age, and behavior, but the key driver for increasing in-store foot traffic lies in the capability to target based on location.

To deliver localized ads to individuals in close proximity to your offline stores, it’s essential to link Facebook Business Locations with Facebook Ads. This integration allows Facebook to display relevant ads when consumers are near your store, utilizing methods like ambient Wi-Fi, beacons, and historical local information to pinpoint their location accurately. 

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Click and collect

In today’s consumer omnichannel purchasing journey, “Click and Collect” has become an indispensable service that retailers cannot afford to overlook. This convenient option empowers customers to make purchases online, such as through retailers like Argos, and then retrieve their products from a nearby physical store at their convenience.

With “Click and Collect,” customers can enjoy the flexibility of either same-day or next-day pickup, ensuring the availability of their desired items. This grants shoppers the assurance that they won’t miss deliveries and the added confidence of being able to return the product immediately if it doesn’t meet their expectations.

Pop-up shops

Both pure-play and concession stores are exploring the possibility of establishing a physical presence offline. A practical and low-risk approach is to utilize pop-up stores, especially during the busiest periods of the year, as it allows them to test the waters without committing fully to a permanent brick-and-mortar setup.

Interestingly, even retailers with existing physical stores can leverage pop-ups to experiment with strategies that seamlessly blend online and offline experiences.

POS solutions

A seamless POS solution allows you to efficiently manage sales, inventory, and customer data, enhancing the overall shopping experience. By providing convenient payment options, real-time tracking, and personalized customer service, you can attract more customers and drive repeat business. 

Additionally, utilizing analytics and reporting tools helps you make data-driven decisions, optimize your sales strategies, and ultimately increase revenue in the competitive eCommerce landscape.

When it comes to how to earn money from eCommerce, ConnectPOS has been recognized for its innovative product offering. As the Bronze Winner in the 2021 Stevie Awards for product innovation and a recipient of positive feedback in the Magento Innovations Lab Award 2019, ConnectPOS takes pride in its PWA Consumer App (PWA standing for progressive web app), which provides an exceptional self-checkout POS experience. 

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With ConnectPOS, you can enjoy 100% real-time data synchronization between the POS system (point of sale) and your core database, ensuring seamless operations even without an internet connection. The auto-synced data includes Orders, Inventory, Customers, and Products, ensuring a smooth and efficient retail experience.

In conclusion,

The world of online commerce is ripe with opportunities, and by implementing the expert tips and strategies shared in this post, you are well-equipped to take your business to new heights. Remember, success in eCommerce is a continuous journey of adaptation and innovation. How to earn money from eCommerce? For personalized guidance and support on your eCommerce venture, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Contact us today, and let’s embark on this exciting journey together toward eCommerce prosperity!

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