BigCommerce vs Square: The battle for efficiency Huong Vu October 12, 2023

BigCommerce vs Square: The battle for efficiency

BigCommerce vs Square: The battle for efficiency

To launch an online business, it is essential to find fully-featured professional platforms dedicated to e-commerce sales. However, today too many pieces of software appear with diverse features. In this article, we would like to compare two platforms – BigCommerce vs Square in terms of their efficiency that business users should consider using.

Overview of BigCommerce vs Square

BigCommerce is a multi-functional platform that helps create an omnichannel online sales website that integrates with many famous sales channels. It is an extremely user-friendly platform and offers a lot of pre-designed interface templates for new businesses to use and sell right away. The system has the advantage of being an all-in-one and integrated e-commerce platform, compatible with WordPress. This allows users to combine the power of WordPress in content development with BigCommerce’s powerful omnichannel tools.

Square is best known for its convenient and fast in-store point of sale (POS) software. However, the platform is also developing a great e-commerce website creation service. Especially if the business wants a website integrated with the POS system at its store, it will build its own centralized database for sales.

Choosing between BigCommerce vs Square: The battle for efficiency


The most obvious difference between BigCommerce vs Square is that BigCommerce does not have a point of sale system. Square, on the other hand, has its own app and doesn’t need to integrate with a third-party app unless the user deems it necessary. Meanwhile, BigCommerce has loads of adding employees to your account, but Square doesn’t offer this. Moreover, all BigCommerce stores benefit from enterprise-grade security and high uptime rates.

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Which one is more efficient?

To compare the efficiency of BigCommerce vs Square, businesses and users need to determine its features and pricing. 

Startups and small businesses that want the most complete omnichannel sales platform should consider BigCommerce as one of the best online website building platforms. In addition, BigCommerce is the ideal solution for sellers looking to combine a content-focused WordPress site with an omnichannel website. However, users need to pay a minimum amount to own a storefront for BigCommerce. Small businesses just starting out shouldn’t use BigCommerce either because many features often come with complexity.

Meanwhile, Square does not have any such barriers to entry. For $0, you can be a shop owner. However, Square’s weakness compared to the platform is that it charges a fee for each transaction of the Online store (both free and paid versions). In other words, store owners and businesses will have to accept a part of the commission for Square when creating an e-commerce website with this tool.

Each piece of software is good and offers a unique perspective. With Square, there is a low barrier to entry and it acts more as a powerful toolkit to start your small business. With BigCommerce, you have a rich set of marketing and analytics tools in addition to interconnected sales channels. Therefore, businesses need to carefully consider their needs and budget to choose an appropriate platform.


When comparing the efficiency between BigCommerce vs Square, businesses need to consider the suitability to their needs to choose the best platform that helps optimize business performance. If you are in need of assistance linking to these platforms,contact us.

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