How Netsuite connector synchronize between your POS and logistic Steven P February 28, 2023
How Netsuite connector synchronize between your POS and logistic
How Netsuite connector synchronize between your POS and logistic

In today’s omnichannel business market, connecting and synchronizing processes from production to sales and delivery is often difficult if businesses do not find an optimal solution. Fortunately, NetSuite has come up with a piece of software that can help businesses take on this challenge. In this article, we would like to introduce a NetSuite utility called the NetSuite connector and how it is synchronized between the point of sale (POS) system and the enterprise’s logistics process.

Overview of NetSuite connector

NetSuite Connector refers to a NetSuite support system that allows a business organization to establish a data mapping between this solution and an eCommerce storefront, POS system, online marketplace, and third-party logistics providers. This NetSuite extension, through automating the data transfer process, allows business users to easily keep important information such as sales data, customer information, invoices, or more reporting figures. Others are centralized from omnichannel selling and eliminating manual data entry. With this software, errors, delays, costly data export and use in processes will become more limited. From there, businesses will gain benefits in many ways and bring maximum profits. It is a pre-built solution for specific eCommerce, logistics, and point-of-sale service providers.

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How Netsuite connector synchronize between your POS and logistic

How Netsuite connector synchronizes between your POS and logistics

To synchronize your POS system with logistics, the first thing that businesses must do is integrate the system with the NetSuite connector. Today’s modern POS systems all come with the ability of smart inventory management. It will be easier for managers to accurately track items across multiple locations to better identify reorder points, control secure inventory, and enable more accurate cycle counting. When combined with NetSuite’s connector software, it will be easier for businesses to synchronize information between those sales channels from accepting orders, managing inventory, and specifically synchronizing it with logistics to ensure the right goods are delivered to the buyer.

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How Netsuite connector synchronize between your POS and logistic

The NetSuite connector when connected to your system makes it easier to get up and running with built-in integrations to synchronize inventory, orders, fulfillment, and returns between NetSuite and other commerce channels. Meanwhile, processes are also automated, eliminating manual tasks, like tracking spreadsheets and exporting data. This helps to limit errors and delays that cost time and money. Moreover, synchronizing POS and third-party logistics through this add-on will help your organization increase visibility. Firms will gain greater order and inventory visibility and more control over every stage of the data lifecycle, across all channels.

ConnectPOS is a cloud-based point-of-sale solution that delivers powerful features for managing business operations in an organization. In particular, it provides a powerful centralized data feature combined with intelligent inventory management software that will support the synchronization of sales and shipping across multiple sales channels. It is also one of the only POS systems that supports connection to NetSuite, giving businesses the convenience of synchronizing their logistics and sales data.

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How Netsuite connector synchronize between your POS and logistic


NetSuite, with its many functions, will bring maximum profit to your business. Especially, with the NetSuite connector, the synchronization between your POS system and logistics will be easier than ever. Contact us if you need assistance integrating this extension into your system.

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