5 POS systems trusted by multinational companies Lana D March 22, 2022
5 POS systems trusted by multinational companies
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Modern POS software systems are flexible. They also give a variety of great attributes. One of them is their ability to be a multinational company POS solution. If you are searching for some top POS systems trusted by multinational companies, give this post a read. It will assist you in discovering the most suitable one for your demands.

POS system definition

POS is short for point of sale. This software has seen a considerable evolution. Now, it can do many more things, not only controlling transactions. POS can smartly control your inventory and deal with sales and discounts. Also, it can take care of surge pricing. This system can integrate right with your back-end accounting system easily. It can also keep an eye on theft or HR productivity. 

5 POS systems trusted by multinational companies


It is one of the top multinational company POS systems in the market. It has shown the dedication to delivering the best omnichannel experiences to businesses all around the globe. 

This software integrates with many eCommerce platforms. It gives the ultimate attributes wanted by any firm. For example, it supports real-time information synchronization. Additionally, ConnectPOS delivers a cool service experience to shoppers via plenty of touchpoint support. Above all, multinational firms like it because it allows for cash flow management, payments with multi-currencies. ConnectPOS is also famous as a multilingual POS system.


Vend is a cloud point of sale system. It does not provide on-site server implementation. The benefit here is the cross-platform-related consistency. No matter what hardware you count on, this multinational company POS does not appear different in the front end. 

If you choose Vend Pro, it gives more attributes. For example, API access, the ability to control multiple outlets, gift cards, and so on. 

Lightspeed multinational company POS

With the stock system of this solution, you can save plenty of time easily with unified buying catalogs. These have a smooth integration into the point of sale software. You also have the choice to sell in bundles as well as control goods variations.

In addition, Lightspeed allows for many currencies in your store. So, your customer can know the amount of money they spend in the currency of their country.


It is one of the top multinational company POS software systems. Shopify ensures the updates of your stock. It ensures stock control in real-time over many locations for face-to-face and online sales. 

In addition, you can control transfers between places. Also, feel free to use this system for inventory forecasting smoothly. Moreover, it allows you to sell in many currencies. But the software supports this feature only in your online shop.


This POS is simple for you to see, control, monitor, edit, as well as keep your stock updated. In addition, it offers analytics & reporting in real-time. Also, Square allows you to make customer profiles. With this, you can manage your shoppers better.

In conclusion, these multinational company POS systems help a lot. For more information, reach us.

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