Get inspired by this top 7 best flagship stores Lana D July 31, 2022
Get inspired by this top 7 best flagship stores
best flagship stores

Flagship stores are a real showcase for your retail business, attract shoppers, and generate a great experience. Get inspired and refresh the basics by having a closer look at these top 7 best flagship stores.

Apple (in New York)

This store opens every time and is unique. It has an underground main building with the entryway marked by a fantastic tall glass cube. Employees here are always ready to assist with questions and this flagship holds many events to support users in using their products to the best of their ability. 

Best flagship stores: H&M (in Barcelona)

What is notable is that it boasts space to offer food. Also, the interior design is a combination of decent materials, including glass, wood, and marble, increasing the luxurious feel of this well-known fashion brand. Above all, there are a wide series of the brand’s products in a single location, delivering an ultimate brand experience.

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Primark (in Madrid)

This giant store gives a feeling of a shopping center. Plus, the construction is a mix of the building’s historic details, beautiful lighting, and cutting-edge technology. All over this flagship are stunning design details, helping visitors have an immersive experience. 

LEGO (in London)

This is one of the best flagship stores out there. There are many life-sized models in the space, for example, a replica London tube train, enabling an experiential and exciting experience. Also, shoppers can purchase a customized LEGO mosaic of their face. What is more? Thanks to the digital aisle, visitors can check every set accessible in the store.

Best flagship stores: Samsung 837 (in New York)

A super big screen dominates this flagship. More specifically, it spans the entire 3 stories that marry with theatre-style seating, allowing it to be leveraged for live streaming and whatnot. As an experience-centered space, the store enables visitors to discover everything offered by the company, for instance, VR. 

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Burberry (in London)

It is one of the best flagship stores in the world. And among every Burberry store, this one may be the most popular example of the combination of the company’s physical and online offerings. The flagship mirrors various parts of the website to generate a cohesive experience and even is improved via the adoption of modern technology such as interactive mirrors. In addition, it highlights events with in-person experiences, enabling more than your typical purchasing journey.

Microsoft (in New York)

For its first flagship, this brand chooses to impress visitors with a stunning glass façade that lets passersby view inside. There are also various offerings on different floors. You will see the brand’s different product lines on a 2-story ‘culture wall’ whilst Microsoft dedicates a whole floor for Dell. Plus, a community theatre is available for training workshops for employees and many other events. 

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In conclusion, we hope that you get inspired by the top 7 best flagship stores mentioned above. To build the best flagship for your business, you need that inspiration, plans, and solutions. Call us for more information and support.

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