Free WooCommerce themes to try in 2023 Huong Vu October 13, 2023

Free WooCommerce themes to try in 2023

Free WooCommerce themes to try in 2023

The theme is the design interface of a website using WordPress including layout, colors, effects, and what website visitors see. When changing the theme, the interface of the business website will also change depending on the design. In this article, we would like to introduce some free WooCommerce themes that businesses can try in 2023.

Top free WooCommerce themes to try in 2023

Neve Shop

Neve Shop is one of those free WooCommerce themes that take a mobile-first approach thanks to its compatibility with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and popular page builders that make website building accessible to anyone. This is a theme store that supports customizing header and footer designs through drag-and-drop components. It also helps to control website layout and content editing along with the Elementor Booster module, which brings many new premium utilities, content protection, and animations to help businesses create interactive pages.


OceanWP is one of the multi-purpose free WooCommerce themes and is famous for combining well with WooCommerce. The theme features include native eCommerce features like cart popup, floating add to cart bar, and product quick view screen. Moreover, this solution integrates with a long list of page builders and it also has many free versions available for online stores.


Storefront is a popular theme choice for WooCommerce sites. It features “deep integration” with WooCommerce that comes with its extensions making it the best theme in terms of compatibility. While Storefront’s theme is a bit lacking in customization options compared to other multipurpose themes, it has several layout and color options to personalize your business website. It also has multiple utility areas and designs that cater to each individual need with a clean and extensible codebase that makes customization easy.

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Astra is one of the most popular free and versatile solutions. This is indeed one of the popular free WooCommerce themes for its minimalist style and impressive performance. With the customization-wise feature, Astra provides a relatively empty means of blocking for businesses to personalize their website easily. It also integrates well with many well-known page builders and has plenty of templates for beginners, including some built with eCommerce in mind.

Hestia Lite

Hestia is an impressively designed theme for the WooCommerce website. With the themes it offers, it’s easy for businesses to fine-tune their Home Page. This makes it possible for users to experience the flexibility of a complete theme that works for both simple and complex websites. Commercial businesses can enjoy seamless integration with all popular page builders for smooth customization and the ultimate customer experience.


Zakra is a free WooCommerce theme well adapted to use for online stores. It features multiple eCommerce demos to help businesses get started with website design. This theme also has integration with page builders for easy customization. Although it does not include abundant WooCommerce-related features, the theme features are well-optimized for fast loading times. It currently has more than 10 free websites for beginners, which users can use to make the website look beautiful and professional.

Rife Free

Rife Free is a theme designed mainly for portfolio and photography pages. However, it includes WooCommerce integration and image galleries that seamlessly convert to featured product listings when users apply the WooCommerce store demo. Business users can easily personalize demos to reflect their online store’s brand identity thanks to an integrated page builder with popular submissions.

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These free WooCommerce themes will make your website more professional and attract more visitors in 2023. If you need to connect with these themes, feel free to contact us.

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