5 Features You Can Customize In ConnectPOS ConnectPOS Content Creator September 28, 2023

5 Features You Can Customize In ConnectPOS

Features You Can Customize

Customization is one of the top factors when businesses decide on the POS system of their choice. While there are various business purposes and operations, no POS system can perfectly fit every business. Knowing this demand, ConnectPOS provides several customization options. This article will review 5 features you can customize in our leading POS system.


ConnectPOS allows merchants to customize their dashboards based on their purposes of use. It lets you have all critical metrics in an organized dashboard with several advanced options and built-in filters. In addition, ConnectPOS users can also view reports from different offline and online stores in a single dashboard. With these customization options, users are given significant flexibility to adjust the dashboard according to their own needs. This can save time when navigating the dashboard and improve productivity.


Receipts are important parts of a transaction, as they save the essential purchase information for later use, such as refund or exchange. ConnectPOS offers a default receipt template when users first open the POS. This version includes the basic information of a receipt after customers make a purchase. If you want more flexibility, Don’t worry because users can always update this template according to their preferences!

To provide greater flexibility for users, ConnectPOS can create a new receipt template with several tools to customize POS. The customizable factors are many, but some of the most used ones are:

  • Company information
  • Header logo
  • Customer information (email/phone number)
  • Date and time display
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Custom sale

Sometimes, during a transaction, there is a need to create an item not included in the POS system. It can be a new product or a variant of the existing item that does not fall into any product in the database. This is when a custom sale comes in handy.

With ConnectPOS, users can easily add custom sale products to carts with simple steps. There are 3 pieces of information for you to fill in, including Title, Quantity, and Price. With this type of POS customization, retailers do not have to worry about the inconvenience of not having a product option to choose from other than the existing database. The checkout process can happen quickly without causing any disruptions.


Having served more than 2000 retailers worldwide, ConnectPOS takes pride in the international-oriented mindset. The POS system is available in 11 languages, which can be easily customized in the Settings section. This translation tool can change the language of your user interface and receipt into the local language. 

Language customization can be effective if your business targets local areas. Having a built-in translating system in your POS is a big advantage if you own multiple stores in different countries or are looking for a POS that supports other languages apart from English. The list below shows the languages supported by ConnectPOS.

Pricing plans

Last but not least, ConnectPOS also offers flexible pricing plans for its users to customize POS. There are 3 fixed subscription plans, ranging from $39 to $89/device/month. In addition to that, the POS system also offers a customization plan for businesses, with flexible pricing and selected features. We know the diversity in businesses, so we have tried to offer more than predefined plans that may limit retailers’ potential. Customers interested in the custom plan will request a quote and discuss with our professional team the best solutions.

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Wrapping up

In a fast-changing retail industry, customization is a powerful feature in every POS system. Being a leading POS provider, ConnectPOS offers businesses top-notch solutions with great options to customize POS. Start a free trial to learn more about us, or contact our team for further information. The future of retail is within your reach!

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