Find Out Which E-commerce Enterprise Version Is For You ConnectPOS Content Creator September 21, 2023

Find Out Which E-commerce Enterprise Version Is For You

E-commerce Enterprise Version

If you are looking for an e-commerce platform for your enterprise, you must have heard about Magento Commerce, Shopify Plus, and BigCommerce enterprise. These are 3 leading e-commerce platforms in the digital market that provide valuable support for e-commerce businesses.

All of them provide more than two application versions to fit in with certain requirements. Yet, you are still confused by those options and can not pick the most suitable one. Let’s start by learning about the fundamental differences among this e-commerce enterprise version.

Magento Enterprise Editions(EE)

Magento Enterprise Editions was first introduced in 2003. Unlike its original version, Magento Enterprise Editions requires users to pay a license fee accompanied by higher security and more integrated features. The amount of expenditure for Magento EE will depend on the amount of the business revenue, commonly ranging from $22,000 to $125,000. 

With this new e-commerce enterprise version, Magento provides enterprises with a more robust security level since Magento EE follows PCI compliance and is connected to the Magento Secure Payment Bridge. 

When it comes to features, in general, Magento EE versions provide retailers with a wide range of outstanding features, some of which would be highly necessary for running e-commerce businesses such as Gift Card, Related Product Rule, Customer Attribute Management, etc.

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus was launched in 2011. Generally, retail businesses using Shopify Plus will pay at least $2000 monthly. The expenditure for Shopify Plus is not fixed for every enterprise but depends on the sales volume and reliability of enterprises. And if the sale revenue increases more than $800,000 per month, Shopify will apply a revenue-based model in calculating the monthly fee.

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As a SaaS solution, Shopify Plus’s security is highly appreciated when complying with the six categories of PCI standards and also integrating SSL security on hosted sites. With PCI DSS compliant integrated into platforms, Shopify has met the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard requirements and is entirely capable of protecting users against information leaked. Additionally, if users want to advance security measures, Shopify also offers some more paid extensions and applications.

LaunchPad and Shopify Flow are two new features in this Shopify e-commerce enterprise version. LaunchPad is an automatic tool that can be used with the aim of managing numerous tasks simultaneously. Shopify Flow empowers businesses to customize their or simplify automatic workflows, as a result, reduce time-consumption and workload. Those two management tools are LaunchPad and Shopify Flow. 

Big Commerce Enterprise

BigCommerce Enterprise was introduced five years ago with the aim toward large enterprises with over $450,000 sales revenue annually. Similar to Magento and Shopify, enterprises should speak directly with Bigcommerce representatives and deal with fees based on average order value and the average number of orders users process every month.

BigCommerce is another SaaS solution providing multiple layers of security such as sitewide SSL security, DDOS protection, level PCI-1 compliant, etc. These features help all sites it hosts stay robust and support users to pay better attention to growing their business. 

The New BigCommerce Enterprise version incorporates every basic feature included in the previous version along with some other impressive features, such as unlimited bandwidth, single-page checkout, helpful integrated features, valuable support methods, and high security. 

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Find out more differences between the two BigCommerce versions here

Final thoughts, 

Each version with particular features will meet the requirements of certain retailers. Make sure that you have found the most suitable option that fits in with your needs by self-acknowledging the differences between applications.  Our point-of-sale system by ConnectPOS is compatible with every version from these leading e-commerce companies and effectively supports your sales systems. So far, our customers have been extremely satisfied with our services. Let’s hear them out by taking a look at Case Study.

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