BigCommerce vs BigCommerce Enterprise: The Platform Comparison ConnectPOS Content Creator September 21, 2023

BigCommerce vs BigCommerce Enterprise: The Platform Comparison

BigCommerce vs BigCommerce Enterprise

BigCommerce is among the big four eCommerce companies in the digital world today that provides extreme scalability and customization. It has more built-in sales tools than any of its competitors, along with advanced SEO and fantastic multi-channel integration. In the past few years, BigCommerce has launched BigCommerce Enterprise, an advanced version of this platform. In this article today, we would like to have a little comparison between BigCommerce vs BigCommerce Enterprise – the old and new platforms. 

BigCommerce vs BigCommerce Enterprise: Overview

The original BigCommerce has some highlight strengths such as ease of use, strong built-in features, many support methods, and high security. As of June 2020, BigCommerce is home to around 60,000 online stores across 120 countries with some big names under its belt, such as Pandora, Toyota, or Ben & Jerry’s.

In recent years, we have seen the rise of premium-level website hosting services. These Saas (Software as a Service) systems are aiming towards large businesses who are drowning in sales and need help managing their online platforms. Therefore, BigCommerce Enterprise is BigCommerce’s solution to this demanding market. 

BigCommerce Enterprise is specifically targeting high-volume businesses, usually those that have over $450K in annual sales. The new platform is intended to manage huge influxes in traffic and to facilitate high conversion rates. Merchants have 99.99% uptime, so their sites won’t break even on the busiest days. 

BigCommerce vs BigCommerce Enterprise: Ease Of Use

In BigCommerce, users can easily set up their stores with detailed instructions on the dashboard. There are 8 key things retailers need to establish before having their stores going live, including: 

  • Store profile
  • Currencies
  • Store settings
  • Payments
  • Shipping
  • Tax
  • Point of Sale
  • Accounting
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BigCommerce allows easy navigation on its interface. However, there is one drawback here. When you are creating your store, it is split between two areas. One is where you add products and manage your backend, while the other is where you edit your storefront. This can sometimes be confusing to navigate. 

BigCommerce Enterprise uses the same dashboard embedded by the basic BigCommerce plans. It is one of the cleanest on the market, which comes with plenty of tutorial videos. 

BigCommerce vs BigCommerce Enterprise: Features

BigCommerce has the best in-house features of any eCommerce builder. It provides a high level of quality and reduces the reliance you might have on third-party apps. Merchants have almost everything they need right at their fingertips and for no extra costs, including abandoned cart recovery, POS integrations, shipping options, and more than 600 apps to choose from in the BigCommerce App Store. 

BigCommerce Enterprise incorporates all of BigCommerce’s basic features along with some other impressive features, such as unlimited bandwidth, single-page checkout, or integrations with social media for sharing products and purchases. Below are some of the advanced features that only Enterprise users can have access to: 

  • Reliable Hosting & Security

BigCommerce Enterprise boasts a 99.99% uptime. Your site will automatically scale to handle as much traffic and orders as you can bring in. The Enterprise version also offers bank-grade security, which includes DDoS protection

  • Comprehensive Conversion Tools

Conversion is one of BigCommerce’s strengths. BigCommerce plans above the Plus plans have abandoned cart saver which boasts a 15% recovery rate. The Enterprise has a faceted (filtered) search that helps customers to find and buy what they want quickly and easily

  • Additional Shipping Support
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The Enterprise plan comes with ShipperHQ, a shipping rate calculation tool that gives customers real-time shipping quotes

  • Custom Facets (Product Filtering)

Use your customer product fields as product filters

  • No Limits To API Calls

Transfer data between integrations in real-time

  • Higher Level Customer Service

Being on an Enterprise plan, your questions and requests are moved to the top of the customer service pile. BigCommerce calls this ‘Express Routing’. Enterprise users will also be eligible for BigCommerce consulting. Depending on the level of support you negotiate during pricing, users might be partnered with an Account Manager who provides individualized support long-term. 


Currently, BigCommerce is providing four pricing plans: Standard, Plus, Pro, and Enterprise, starting from $29 per month. With the Plus and Pro plans, users can save up to 10% if they are willing to pay annually. 

In general, all BigCommerce packages offer essential features and functions that help users start their online businesses easily and effectively. Some of the basic features merchants can access on any pricing model include single-page checkout, unlimited products, responsive website, etc. 

For the Enterprise, retailers will contact the phone number provided on the website and speak directly with a Bigcommerce representative. The price for Enterprise depends on the company’s sales and therefore, varies from business to business. The average order value and the average number of orders users process every month are the two main factors that determine the Enterprise price. 

On average, the Enterprise plan begins at about $400 per month and can range up to $15,000 per month. 

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Wrapping Up

BigCommerce has supported tens of thousands of stores to build their website. With the Enterprise version, BigCommerce users could access the most advanced features offered by this eCommerce platform. The point-of-sale system by ConnectPOS is compatible with both BigCommerce versions, the normal one and the Enterprise one. So far, our customers have been extremely satisfied with our services. Let’s hear them out by checking our BigComerce case studiesConnectPOS is a cloud POS software specifically designed for omnichannel retail businesses.   Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions! 

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