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How To Encourage Customers To Write Reviews

Encourage Customers To Write Reviews

Reviews have a gigantic impact on your brand: 89% of consumers try to read the feedback before buying something. Positive comments support buying decisions, whereas negative feedback can quickly disengage your business. 

If you’re running a retail store, reviews can be an excellent way to attract and win huge customers.

Customer feedback can help you get more visibility online. The main issue is how to encourage them to leave. Here are a few things that can encourage customers to write reviews.

Provide A Great Service

The simplest way of getting good customer reviews is by giving excellent services, compared to other brands/ businesses. If you are very helpful and considerate to your buyers, they will surely give you exceptional feedback. 

A confident and trustworthy performance should not afraid of either good and bad reviews. Maintaining your professionalism by responding to all comments is a winning point: Thank buyers for the compliments and handle the issue to remove negative ones.

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Request Your Customers to Write Reviews

Though you provide your guests with excellent service, sometimes they still don’t write reviews. In such conditions, you can creatively ask them to leave one. Before you ask for a review, make sure your targets are:

  • Recent buyers with ‘new purchase’ excitement
  • Satisfied/repeated buyers. 

Another important thing to remember is to give customers enough time to use the service, rather than asking exactly after the order is placed. However, the best way to get feedback varies from person to person, below are some tips to request them to write a review:

  • Request them to write directly on the product description page on the website
  • Arrange a straightforward and easy-to-find location to write feedback
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Most importantly, you must be genuine and don’t try to force your customers into something they don’t want.

Personalise the Ask

This is a great way to build confidence with your buyers and increase reviews simultaneously. If you have a store-front, take advantage of in-person interactions through customer engagement. 

Post a video thanking buyers for supporting you, and ask if they are interested to leave a review. You can also send a handwritten note to encourage buyers when in the purchased package.

Let Them Know Why Feedback Is Important 

With the buyers, writing a comment may take only a few minutes, yet those words can be the key to open more sales opportunities for your brand. Let them know how they can contribute to your development. Only a few buyers reach out to leave feedback out of sheer goodwill, sometimes you need to give incentives in the form of coupons, gift cards and rewards, to encourage them to write reviews.

Some retailers take a further step and make use of the power of social media. They share customer reviews on their sales channels, which is a wonderful way to promote the brand and get more feedback online. 

Others create posts that let customers submit their reviews right on respective pages, which saves time for both seller and buyers.

In conclusion,

No one can deny the impact that customer reviews can have to the business. They bring some to the top and push many down the mud. Even then, retailers fully aware that their advantages are more outweighed than their counterparts. Therefore, encourage customers to write reviews is still on the top To-Do list of every business. With this article, we hope that you ave found some useful tips to get more feedback from your precious buyers. Follow us for more useful retail tips!  

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