ConnectPOS vs. Retail Express – a comparison for Enterprise POS system Quinn T. April 1, 2019
ConnectPOS vs. Retail Express – a comparison for Enterprise POS system
Retail Express vs ConnectPOS

For growing retailers, POS system is an indispensable module that enables them to scale the business and ensure smooth operation among their multi stores. However, it’s getting harder and harder for retailers to choose the right retail POS system for their business since a lot of POS products have been launched during the last decade. Today we would like to give you a comparison between ConnectPOS and Retail Express – both are top preferred Enterprise POS solutions for Omnichannel retailers. Let’s have a look at the similarities, as well as outstanding differences between these two retail POS system.



  • About Customer types & industries: Both ConnectPOS and Retail Express mainly serve medium & large-sized businesses from various retail industries, ranging from fashion & accessories, furniture & homewares to sporting & outdoor equipment.
  • About Software type & Platforms: Both are Saas, with  iPad, Mac, PC and mobile compatibility and cloud access meaning you can operate from as many devices as you like.
  • About Features: ConnectPOS and Retail Express are equipped with essential and advanced features specialized for retail operation such as:

– Product: Easily & quickly search products quickly by name, ID, SKU or barcode

– Payment: Both allows multiple payment methods (cash, credit card, debit card, gift cards, or other integrated payment gateways), and especially enables to pay lay-bys or to combine 2 or more payment types in the same order.

– Fulfilment: Both allows different delivery options such as home delivery or click and collect at any outlet.

– Multi store and multi inventory management: This is one of the main reasons why ConnectPOS and Retail Express are preferred by growing multi-outlet retailers. These 2 POS solutions are optimized for multi-store, which enables merchants to easily open a new store/register with just a few clicks, as well as to efficiently manage inventory at each store level.

– Report: Both provides you full and customisable report which gives you valuable insights about your customers and your business.

– Both can also work normally and perfectly at offline mode.


  • Pricing

When it comes to the matter of Price, ConnectPOS stands an advantage as it offers a more transparent pricing plan, while Retail Express does not. ConnectPOS plans start only from $39/ month – an economical for a solution full of essential and advanced features for an omnichannel retailers.


ConnectPOS has a more advanced step in leveraging PWA technology from Magento to create a seamless shopping experience for end-customers. Using ConnectPOS Consumer App, as your customers come in your store and scan the QR code, they can access a web-like interface that enables them to surf the full range of products you offer.

Also, customers can scan barcode for product information, order out-of-stock items, receive personalized recommendation from the Consumer App, or easily and quickly do self-checkout in seconds. This is surely a not-to-miss technological solution for all retailers of all sizes whoever want to be innovative and customer-centric. Thanks to its ingenuity and creativity, ConnectPOS Consumer App has been selected as a Magento Innovator within Innovation Labs – a competition which serves to elevate community members who are not only pushing the boundaries of possibility, but also defining a new reality. You can have a closer look at ConnectPOS Consumer App using PWA Technology here.

  • ConnectPOS caters for a global customer base.

Unlike Retail Express, whose main customers are from Australia, ConnectPOS caters for customers in different countries and provides a highly customizable solution to support retailers all over the world. For example, ConnectPOS offers cash rounding for merchants in countries that implement rounding rules. Also, it is easy to customize tax rate and price display settings with ConnectPOS. While merchants in the US and Canada can set up to display tax-exclusive prices, those in New Zealand and Australia can easily set up to display tax-inclusive pricing.

  • 24/7 support and Local Representative Network
ConnectPOS 24/7 support

Another good news is, although catering for a global customer case, ConnectPOS offers 24/7 support policy, as well as expanding their Local Representative support in different countries. So regardless of your whereabouts, you will always receive fast and dedicated support from ConnectPOS team.

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