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10 popular retail platforms to start partnering with

popular retail platforms

Today’s retail platform is growing daily, especially when COVID-19 takes the world by storm. Popular retail platforms have promptly converted their platforms to e-commerce to ensure business operations continue as usual. In the article below, we provide 10 popular retail platforms for your business to start partnering with.


Amazon is one of the most prestigious and well-known platforms in the retail industry in the world. This American technology and e-commerce corporation was founded in 1994. Since then, it has grown tremendously to become an international brand and a household name for people and every business. Amazon is one of the big five companies in the US, a famous retail platform for must-have products from different sectors. Amazon’s revenue for the year 2021 was $469.8 billion, up 22% from 2020.


Farfetch is a famous platform in the fashion industry. Entering the e-commerce craze, Farfetch is an e-commerce site that operates as a “marketplace.” This retail platform provides an e-commerce platform for brands. Products are put on the exchange for sales, and Farfetch will recoup a portion of the revenue from products sold on their platform. Farfetch’s revenue is up 35% year-on-year to £1.7 billion ($2.3 billion) in 2021.


Rakuten is one of the largest Japanese IT companies producing Internet products and services. This retail platform is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The company was founded in 1997, since then it has grown into one of the largest eCommerce companies in Japan. It has more than 70 services operating in three core segments: Internet Services, Technical Technology, and Mobile. The famous products of RAKUTEN are Viber, Kobo, and Viki. Rakuten is ranked in the top e-G8 forum as the largest company in Web Applications and Internet Services.

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Wayfair is a retail platform for furniture and home appliances. With an open mind towards innovation and not letting current realities diminish its vision, Wayfair has not only established a foothold for e-commerce but also positioned itself as a market leader. Wayfair seeks solutions ranging from machine learning and cutting-edge data science to help customers find the right product among more than 22 million items. Wayfair also provides inspiring, beautiful product images, so that the platform can enable vendors to reach consumers and grow their businesses more effectively.


eBay is the world-famous platform for NFTs. This retail platform is a global commerce platform connecting millions of buyers and sellers around the world. eBay’s Q2 2021 revenue grew 14% to $2.7 billion and made several technology platform changes, including updating its policy allowing customers to buy and sell NFTs on the platform, with inventory offered by trusted sellers who meet eBay’s high standards across categories like trading cards, music, entertainment, and art. It also started offering free Terapeak Product Research to all Seller Hub users on its main websites, providing sellers with market information to help them determine what to sell, when, and for sale, where and at what price.


When it comes to the platform that owns technology products, Apple is the first name that comes to consumers’ minds. Last year, Apple posted record revenue for the June quarter of $81 billion, up 36%. Apple products are increasingly targeted to more users, such as Apple Fitness +, a fitness service built around the Apple Watch, which introduced new fitness exercises to attract users, especially specifically targeting pregnant women and the elderly. In addition, Apple is aiming for the environment and the strong development of this retail platform in the future.

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Costco is a retail platform that provides shipping services that your business can start partnering with. This platform now offers online ordering and delivery through its own channels and additional third parties. Costco and Uber Technologies recently began testing delivery with 25 locations across Texas. Costco warehouses will be made available to Uber users through Uber and Uber Eats mobile apps. In addition to groceries, Costco Logistics continues to drive bulk and bulk sales, with U.S. e-commerce sales for these items growing 53% in the third quarter of 2021. Costco Logistics closed about 70% of all U.S. bulk orders, and the retailer continues to add several new large and bulky suppliers.

The Kroger Co. 

The Kroger Co. is a well-known retail platform in the field of warehouse facilities. Kroger’s first automated warehouse facility with digital and robotic capabilities, also known as a “warehouse,” costs $55 million but is expected to help with Kroger’s rapid growth. Kroger has over 1.3 billion digital customer interactions in 2020, a ratio of 30%. Kroger plans to open 20 CFCs to help grocers meet digital needs by introducing robotics technology, enabling next-generation automated storage and retrieval.

Walgreens Boots Alliance

Walgreens Boots Alliance is well known as a partnering platform in the drug store service industry. The company is organized into three divisions: US Pharmaceutical Retail (Walgreen and Duane Reade), International Pharmaceutical Retail (Startup and other international retail operations) and Pharmaceutical Wholesale combined with Alliance Healthcare. The revenue of this retail platform in 2021 is $134.97 billion. 


Shopify is a famous E-commerce service retail platform. This platform allows you to create an online sales website based on the Cloud SaaS model. Here, you can create your own website with all the features such as product posting, shopping cart, payment, goods management, or social networking…

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The above retail platforms are well known and provide excellent services with guaranteed quality. Contact us to get more detailed information about starting partnering with these retail platforms. 

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