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POS Review: ConnectPOS Vs. Erply POS


ConnectPOS VS Erply POS are familiar POS systems, especially for small and medium businesses. For retailers who are still wondering about choosing the right POS system for their business model, we have listed specific differences between ConnectPOS and Erply POS to help you choose the best one

Overview ConnectPOS Vs. Erply POS


Established in 2013, ConnectPOS is a leading cloud-based POS solution with many outstanding business features for omnichannel retail stores. 

This POS system is compatible with several popular eCommerce platforms such as:

In practice, ConnectPOS can greatly integrate with NetSuite ERP to bring more benefits to modern retailers. 

One of the most significant advantages of ConnectPOS is the real-time synchronization features that allow creation of consistent connections between POS systems and inventory in any device. Retailers can now easily manage and control everything in their business with ConnectPOS.

Erply POS

Erply POS was founded 4 years sooner than ConnectPOS in 2009, which mainly focused on point-of-sale and inventory management. 

The POS system grants retailers access to tool customization in the system to run the business on its terms.


Both ConnectPOS and Erply can run on every operating system and device, including PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone. Yet, Erply POS may encounter particular compatibility issues after iOS and Mac updates. 

Regarding POS hardware, ConnectPOS and Erply can work with a wide variety of POS terminals in the market. 

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The two providers have a list of their POS hardware partners to help retail stores quickly find terminal vendors. You can go to the solutions’ websites and quickly find their lists.

Pricing Plan 


The pricing starts with $49 monthly for any small business and discounts into $39 if the payment is annual. ConnectPOS offers a variety of pricing options to meet any business needs and budget. 

Real-time synchronization is provided in any pricing plan in ConnectPOS, which helps any retailer create a steady shopping experience without budget wandering. 

Erply POS

Erply POS offers several pricing options for specific business requirements which are: 

  • $49 per month for only POS system without inventory
  • $89 per month for inventory online & offline
  • $119 per month for both POS and inventory

These plans above are quite disturbing for retailers to create an omnichannel business. If you are running a small coffee shop, the $49 pricing will be appropriate for you. But with $49, you can have a real-time synchronization feature between inventory and POS system in ConnectPOS, thereby, the more convenient inventory management you will have.

To compare the lowest pricing plan, ConnectPOS still has an advantage over Erply POS due to being more suitable for any business model and creating a seamless shopping experience.


Data Synchronize Automatically 

As has been said above, this is the first amazing feature that has brought ConnectPOS to thousands of retailers worldwide. Your data will be synchronized whenever you choose ConnectPOS in any pricing plan. 

Retailers can access any device to monitor the data synchronization procedures. Moreover, ConnectPOS also provides an Offline Mode which allows retailers to do some basic tasks such as create orders, make payments, etc when the internet is broken. 

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On the other hand, Erply POS only provides retailers data synchronization features when you have submitted Inventory & POS plans which cost $119 per month and it is not supported in the lower plans. 

When we compare this feature between these POS systems, there is a big difference. You have real-time data synchronization when you choose ConnectPOS in any plan. But you will need to pay the most expensive pricing plan in Erply POS to have that essential feature. 

With ConnectPOS, you can easily save $70 per month for the best management and monitor data feature between your inventory and POS system. It will become a huge budget compared to an annual one. 

Scannable Barcode 

Erply POS has basic scannable barcode features to avoid manually typing SKU’s products when making a purchase payment. 

When you scan the barcode of an item at the POS, Erply will automatically calculate the product’s price and weight based on the barcode information. On the other hand, ConnectPOS supports the scan barcode system and has developed a PWA Customer APP that makes the customer more comfortable with purchasing. 

This app allows customers to scan the barcode directly to find all information about the product such as price, the quantity of stock, etc. Also, customers can order out-of-stock products and self-checkout in seconds. In analysis, the scannable barcode of ConnectPOS will get your customers to feel more proactive in shopping. 

Free Trail


E-Commerce Platform 

These common e-commerce platforms that can connect to Erply are: 

  • PrestaShop 
  • Magento 
  • Shopify

If you’re using those platforms above, all online orders, transactions, inventory, and CRM are directly connected to Erply Admin.

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Opposite to that, ConnectPOS has a few wider eCommerce platforms that can be connected: 

  • Magento
  • Shopify 
  • BigCommerce 
  • WooCommerce 
  • Commercetools

With the background of supporting all platforms, ConnectPOS has gained valuable experience in upgrading the omnichannel models for all business sizes.

Loyalty Program

Erply POS lets retailers create their loyalty programs to build customer relationships. Retailers can define a specific amount of points customers can earn per dollar and what those points are worth.

On the other hand, ConnectPOS has integrated many popular loyalty programs today to help retailers build customer loyalty faster and easier such as:

  • Loyalty Lion 
  • SLoyalty 
  • Aheadworks
  • Amasty


ConnectPOS vs Erply POS are undeniable feature-rich solutions thanks to their ability to support modern retail in every aspect of their business. 

ConnectPOS will be a reasonable choice for a long-term and stable business for any retailer with many outstanding features and integrations. ConnectPOS now offers 14 14-day free trials to prove their quality to retailers. Try now!

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