ConnectPOS and Cardknox Payment partner for an Integrated Omnichannel Checkout Solution ConnectPOS Content Creator September 10, 2023

ConnectPOS and Cardknox Payment partner for an Integrated Omnichannel Checkout Solution

ConnectPOS and Cardknox Payment partner for an Integrated Omnichannel Checkout Solution

By Lakewood, N.J. (January 21st, 2019) ConnectPOS, a leading omnichannel POS system that seamlessly syncs with the Magento e-commerce platform, today announced its new integration with the Cardknox payment gateway. This cutting-edge partnership equips ConnectPOS’ retail clientele with built-in payment processing to support a customer-friendly checkout process in-store and online.

ConnectPOS is an innovative point-of-sale solution that’s designed to bridge the gap between offline and online retail in order to create an omnichannel checkout model that customers increasingly prefer. Accessible from a variety of devices and platforms, the software helps merchants to synchronize customer data, streamline inventory management, offer rewards and loyalty programs, view advanced reporting, and check out customers with ease.

“Cardknox is truly the ideal payment solution for ConnectPOS,” says Cuong Nguyen – Sales Director of ConnectPOS. “Their flexible support for both in-store and online payment software and hardware will enable us to further advance our goal of providing the most seamless omnichannel experience. Their gateway is also incredibly secure, and we feel confident that our customers will benefit from their encryption and fraud-screening tools that help reduce security threats and chargebacks.”

Mark Paley, Director of Partner Sales at Cardknox, adds that “Cardknox is excited to work with an industry innovator like ConnectPOS whose software makes use of advanced technology to improve the checkout flow. We have a similar goal at Cardknox, which is why we offer support for the latest payment methods and terminals. We’re excited to bring ConnectPOS users an integrated solution that will be sure to improve customer satisfaction and business management capabilities.”

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About Cardknox

At Cardknox, we believe in building relationships. When your business grows ours does, too; therefore, we will work hand-in-hand with you to support your growth. We offer an omni-channel payment gateway that can be seamlessly integrated with POS systems, ERP software, e-commerce, and mobile platforms.

Offering flexible payment solutions and innovative technology to qualify transactions for the lowest interchange rates, Cardknox serves thousands of partners and customers across every major industry throughout the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. For more information, visit

About ConnectPOS

ConnectPOS is an Enterprise POS solution specifically designed for medium to large-sized Magento-based retailers, with an emphasis on multistore scalability, performance, security, and precise calculation. For consumers, ConnectPOS enables them to click and collect, order out-of-stock items, synchronize information across platforms and devices, or quickly do self-checkout, all in all to have a seamless experience. For retailers, ConnectPOS not only ensures a high-speed and secure performance but also optimizes multi-store management, as well as precise calculation for complicated tax and promotion. It even helps brick-and-mortar stores to operate normally and smoothly in Offline mode.

As the leading Magento POS, ConnectPOS is expanding its local representative support around the world, across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Thailand and many more countries. For more information, please visit

Media Contacts


Mark Paley Director of Partner Sales 844-227-3566 x 402


Cuong Nguyen Sales Director [email protected]

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