Christmas and Newyear Shopping trend in the eCommerce world Steven P December 20, 2022
Christmas and Newyear Shopping trend in the eCommerce world
Christmas and Newyear Shopping trend in the eCommerce world

The holiday season, which peaks at Christmas and New Year, is the last chance for significant success and to increase sales before the year is through in the world of eCommerce. Only a few businesses use festive marketing techniques to interact with customers.

With the help of this manual, your company may be one of the select few to welcome the new year with a strong bottom line and satisfied customers.

2022 Holiday Shopping Factors

Christmas and Newyear Shopping trend in the eCommerce world

The fourth quarter (Q4) holiday season is a significant and profitable time of year for businesses, notably those in the retail, financial, and healthcare industries, which observe their highest sales during the quarter’s big shopping dates, from Black Friday to Christmas / New Year.

Christmas retail and New Year’s in 2022 will be competitive for merchants and brands as well as enjoyable. How do you make sure that your initiatives capture and increase your customer’s wallet share when 91% of customers expect to celebrate the winter holidays?

  • 55% of people say they are eager to purchase for the holidays.
  • Almost 40% of shoppers, primarily millennials and members of Generation Z, say they plan to splurge on themselves or other people.
  • 56% of people have already begun their holiday shopping in October rather than delaying until later in the year.
  • As the holidays approach closer, 50% of early shoppers worry about pricing and product availability.
  • If they discovered a better deal elsewhere, at least half of respondents indicated they would transfer stores.

Christmas Retail And Newyear Shopping Trends in eCommerce

Comprehensive Gift Guides

Without a doubt, there is a plethora of presents available to online buyers. Finding the ideal gift for those who are important to them can be challenging given how busy the end of the year may be. With a variety of gift suggestions that are tailored to the various characters your customers could be shopping for, you can make present-buying seem like a stroll in the park.

Gift guides are essential to direct customers to products that fit what they have in mind. As a result, the shop created gift guides that go beyond the typical ones that showcase top sellers or high-end holiday items and instead take into account the hobbies, receiver, and sales prices of the gifts.

Shoppable Content

Christmas and Newyear Shopping trend in the eCommerce world

Have original content for your holiday advertising, such as short films and images? Make sure buyers can locate the advertised products. Users may already smoothly purchase things on social media networks by using this feature built within the app. 

Customers who come to your website through one of your adverts can find a special collection or page with promoted products on it. With live streaming, you can even go one step further and interact with customers while they shop.

Intended Discounts 

What do visitors to your website look at? Where are they currently in the customer journey? Of course, shops and brands are vying for your customer’s attention with alluring promotions. In order to stand out, you should give promotions based on the intentions of your customers and where they are in the user journey.

Special Offers Placement

Christmas and Newyear Shopping trend in the eCommerce world

Have you ever seen a particular advertisement or banner so frequently that you decided to ignore it? When preparing new marketing efforts, firms must continuously take banner blindness into account. 

You can experiment with a novel creative layout, an alternative method of providing buyers with discount codes, or a special spot for deals on your website to avoid this from happening.

For example, all of the promotions at Old Navy are concealed in a sticky popup menu that customers can access at their own pace, rather than being interrupted by several in-line advertisements. It has a more individualized feel thanks to the “My Offers” badge on the discount menu. Its homepage is likewise brimming with gift suggestions for every price range.

UGC as Social Proof

Reviews, suggestions, or feedback from other customers is crucial sources of confidence and trust for shoppers researching your items. You may increase the accessibility and relatability of your brand to both potential and current customers by including UGC (User-Generated Content) on your website. 

You can include it on website pages like the homepage and product detail pages that will aid customers in making decisions or in the product exploration stage.


The fourth quarter is a crucial time of year for brands, and it’s also the most lucrative. This is especially true for businesses in the retail, financial, and healthcare sectors, which record their highest sales during the quarter’s major shopping days, which run from Black Friday to Christmas and New Year.

Contact us to find out the best appropriate strategies for your retail business in this peak season.

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