7+ restaurant designs to attract more diners Lana D February 24, 2022
7+ restaurant designs to attract more diners

Are you having a hard time selecting a restaurant design? Do not worry! Read through this post. Here, we have put together a list of 7+ designs for your business to attract more diners.

Before design, choose a restaurant POS to attract more diners

When starting a dining business, you have many decisions to make. One of the most crucial ones is opting for a point of sale system. Where can you get it? ConnectPOS is among the best options. This great point of sale is fantastic for restaurants because of its powerful attributes. 

For example, ConnectPOS helps increase your customer engagement through the smooth mobile experience and loyalty programs. It likewise meets customer needs by providing various self-ordering and eCommerce choices. Also, it streamlines stock control as well as menu pricing.

Restaurant design: 7+ options


Charts, diagrams, and other typography ideas are an enjoyable and practical approach to perfect the design of your dining business. You can try out traditional neon signs as well. 

Wall Art & Murals 

It is also great to make a mural. For doing so, you may want to employ a reliable artist. Your customers will have difficulty resisting a selfie with an artwork that is worth plenty of attention on social media. It will provide you with more publicity in a popular form of content. 

Be environmentally conscious 

More and more people like plants indoors. Thus, you can decorate the place with plenty of greenery. It is pretty. Also, it helps your customers and staff wind down. Even more, it makes the air purer.

Make the space more wall-less

You may want to make your kitchen a part of your restaurant design. For example, if you have a wood-burning pizza oven as a one-of-a-kind thing to attract attention, this idea works. Inviting guests to get used to your goods has them talking and spending more. 

Go simple

Are you fond of the idea of ‘being less means more’? Then, consider a minimalist design. For instance, avoid complicated color schemes. 

Embrace classics 

Some designs are classics because they are beautiful and suit the menu of your dining business. The checkered tablecloths and a classic pizzeria design, for example, likely pull off a nostalgia vibe. At the same time, these keep a modern vibe intact. 

Community-centered Design

As you know, dishes are a remarkable equalizer. Your dining place can gather people, forming a community. To deliver a community-focused experience in your business, you can put a communal table or something. Else, you may want to provide board games to allow your customers to spend time while waiting. 

Location-based Design

In some cases, your location has to do with the look of your restaurant. For example, setting up a BBQ business in Texas will bring your place to another level. 

Above are 7+ options to attract more diners that your restaurant can select from. Each restaurant design has its own attraction. Also, aside from design, don’t forget to use a POS system, for instance, from ConnectPOS. For further information, contact us!

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