How Rising Social Media Support Retail Business? ConnectPOS Content Creator September 22, 2023

How Rising Social Media Support Retail Business?

Rising Social Media Support

In today’s technology-driven world, many businesses have modified and adapted new strategies to the rising social media support. Businesses are now moving to online places to sell their products and approach more customers. Selling on social media has become a new trend for many retail businesses. 

What is social selling?

Selling on social media, which is known as social selling, is a process where businesses sell their products on social media platforms. It is a strategy to attract targeted customers and build trusted relationships to achieve your sales goals. In 2021,91.9 % of US marketers in companies were expected to use social media for marketing purposes.

Benefits of social media selling

Increase visibility

Selling your product on social media, even when you are not running ads, can increase the visibility of your business. This is because online platforms nowadays are becoming more universal and convenient, which makes them a good supplement to your physical stores.

Drive more leads

More visibility would bring more leads and opportunities for your business.

Increase traffic

Thanks to increased company visibility, which may be due to content sharing and recommendations, people will be more likely to approach your company’s site for purchasing or consulting.

Boost your revenue

With various social media platforms, you can connect with billions of potential customers. Therefore, using multiple platforms for transactions can lead to more sales and revenue, if these platforms are appropriately used.

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Attract more consumers

Customers who are already scrolling on networking sites can come across your online store or advertisement. In this way, your business might potentially become one of their choices in online shopping.

More engagement

By selling on social media, you can establish a relationship around the globe with your customers and offer a better shopping experience.

Choosing the Right platform for your social media selling

There are several social media updates evolving every day. Check the platforms that you have your business accounts with, where you can easily engage your customers.


Facebook has been shaping social media since it was launched, and it is constantly being developed with various updates. Facebook until now remains the most widely used social media platform, where around 68% of US adults are Facebook users.

Product catalogue is a social media selling feature of Facebook. Here you can link the products from your e-commerce store to your respective business profile, and start selling those products directly on Facebook. 

In this way, you can reach your targeted customers who are your followers or in the target audience of your Facebook ads. Even if the customers have seen and abandoned the cart, you can use the product catalogue to remind them again in an appealing way.

Tips for selling on social media through Facebook

  • Less is sometimes more, as you do not want to overwhelm users with posts and ads, as they might block/unfollow you.
  • Provide more personalized content as users actually prefer it.


Instagram is the first visual and mobile platform in social media. It has more than 1 billion followers, where the audience engagement was 58% more than other platforms.

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Similar to the product catalog of Facebook, Instagram has shoppable posts, but the user experience is different. Shoppable posts have a small shopping bag icon where users can directly tap the icon and make a purchase right away

Tips for selling on social media via Instagram

  • As this is a visual-based platform, make sure to include high-quality professional images to attract more customers at first glance.
  • Instead of posting a standalone product, try posting the image when someone is using the product, possibly with a plain background. This would make the customer think they need the product.


This is a social media platform that is based on sharing and producing short videos up to 60 seconds in length. Beingthe most downloaded social media app globally, TikTok has become the most popular short video social media platform in the world.

With TikTok, you can go live stream and partner with influencers to advertise your products, via their interactive and personalized content. 

Tips for selling on social media via TikTok

  • Make high-resolution videos with little descriptive text.
  • Promote your products with hashtags/ challenges.

Rising social media support is now becoming a powerful tool for your retail business. If you have any questions about selling on social media or e-commerce advice, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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