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Choose the most suitable swiping machine in South Africa

Choose the most suitable swiping machine in South Africa

In the process of doing business, businesses are always looking for ways to help serve customers as quickly as possible and one of those supports is cashless payment with a swipe machine. In this article, we want to give some information about swiping machines in South Africa to help businesses consider options.

What is a swiping machine?

A swiping machine is a device used for card payment in almost all hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, commercial centers, mid-range business stores and above… used for customers to pay. Pay service fees by international card or domestic card. To pay, when swiping the card, it will connect to the bank via the internet, through which the bank will verify the card account and accept the payment.

The swiping machine is usually compact, easy to install in many places, occupies a small area, but helps a lot in the paying of customers. Nowadays, in big cities, people increasingly prefer to use cards to pay through this swipe machine.

The benefits of swiping machine

The benefits of a swiping machine are many and varied. First of all, scanners help businesses increase sales because accepting cashless payments makes the shopping experience for shoppers seamless, fast, and hassle-free. Moreover, customer service is so important that a cashless system helps businesses improve that in many ways. With services from faster checkouts through apps that support loyalty solutions, analytics, and businesses can be unique and build customer trust as well as loyalty to your business.

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One of the most obvious benefits of swipers is that they are completely affordable. The cost of a swipe machine is usually lower than the cost of administering cash payments. Therefore, even small businesses can save on management costs.

One important thing, is cashless payment thanks to the swipe machine will make the transactions secure, the accounting of transactions and revenue easier and more efficient. The swipe machine helps to pay the exact amount and is confirmed by the owner to help ensure the money source. Using a swiper also eliminates the costs and security risks associated with the actual transport of cash.

What do you need in a good swiping machine in South Africa?

Growing businesses want speed, so businesses looking for a swiping machine in South Africa are often machines with basic features such as compact, easy to operate and guaranteed to work in the long term.

In addition, the swipe sought by businesses in South Africa often must have a strong signal and great battery life first. This is to ensure a smooth business payment process and to make sure it costs the least amount of money to have this device repaired. 

One thing businesses are always looking for in a swiping machine is lightweight. This is to make the business’s flexibility more efficient and able to accommodate more customers. Besides, a feature such as being mobile-friendly for easy portability is also beneficial for businesses in serving more customers.

The best swiping machine in South Africa

Yoco is a mobile card machine for small businesses in South Africa. Yoco is suitable for small businesses making it easy to accept card payments. Currently, this system has more than 70,000 users in South Africa because of its features and relatively reasonable price.

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WAYPoint is a South African swiper suitable for businesses because of its versatility. This scanner comes with many features like a card reader, an eCommerce plugin for an online store, and offers payouts within 2 days.

Dashpay is the best swiping machine in South Africa. This scanner allows payment and especially ensures the safety of payment.


Swiping machines in South Africa are increasingly being considered by many businesses to use for their business. Contact us if you need assistance in conjunction with a swipe machine to manage your business.

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