Aheadworks reward points: Key metrics to monitor Huong Vu October 8, 2023

Aheadworks reward points: Key metrics to monitor

Aheadworks reward points: Key metrics to monitor

Loyalty programs are specifically designed by businesses to build relationships and retain them. One of the more popular programs is reward points, which are points that customers can use to get a discount on their bill when they shop in-store. This is the number of points they accumulate from previous purchases. In today’s market, Aheadworks reward points support provides a complete program for managing buyer rewards points. In this article, we would like to introduce this solution and key metrics for monitoring.

Overview of Aheadworks reward points

Aheadworks reward points refer to a loyalty program for WooCommerce or Magento store shoppers. This program manages all customer points in transactions from the first purchase with information stored. It grants points automatically and charges according to the order of the administrator or the customer. This software supports personalization, allowing users to fine-tune the reward mechanism, including adjusting earning and spending rates, setting point expiration times, points usage limits, and so forth. Additionally, the plugin allows both admins and customers to have tools to monitor score usage on a scale tailored to the needs of each of the roles.

Monitor the key metrics of Aheadworks reward points

Aheadworks reward points offer many features to support businesses in scoring customer orders. With this platform, customers will be scored on each product purchased, easily submit product reviews, and share them on social networks. Besides, an important note is that special days such as birthdays and anniversaries will also automatically be notified for buyers to take advantage of existing offers. Plus, stores and managers can create condition-based rules for multiple points earning and spending rates that help get extra points. With this solution, users can edit the customer’s score, put out advertising texts to attract customers’ attention, and get them to interact with the website. 

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Notably, this program supports order refunds with bonus points. This will turn customers who are not satisfied with the product received by refunding them into bonus points and give them a good impression of the business. This way, they will get their money back, but at the same time, they will spend it at the store in the future. Brands can also track points stats, monitor current customer balances, total points earned, and total points spent. It is also easy to email buyers participating in the program when there are any updates and changes to their rewards points. To implement the above features and track key metrics such as the number of bonus points and programs, businesses need to consider setting up this platform and integrating it with their system.

ConnectPOS is a leading cloud point-of-sale (POS) solution. This system provides support to help enterprises optimize efficiency and maximize revenue. It offers product and order management, and powerful inventory control features. Notably, this software also supports setting up loyalty programs according to user requirements. These programs will ensure that the marketing strategies of the business and the needs of the buyer are met. In addition, ConnectPOS also supports connecting with Aheadworks reward points to create the perfect loyalty program for your store.


Aheadworks reward points are a great support for the loyalty program for stores and brands. If you are looking for assistance to manage your programs, feel free to contact us.

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