Check in the heart of customers in these 5 woocommerce hotel pos Huong Vu October 12, 2023

Check in the heart of customers in these 5 woocommerce hotel pos

Check in the heart of customers in these 5 woocommerce hotel pos

In actual stores, the point of sale (POS) is well-known. Many Woocommerce hotel POS transactions take place after a customer makes a purchase of products or services. It demonstrates a number of benefits for both the buyer and the vendor. As for you, you may automatically manage your cash flow and keep track of transactions that are done on your WooCommerce website. 

You can store data about recent and ongoing transactions using Woocommerce hotel POS. Financial, sales and inventory data can all be saved. This allows the ability to increase your sales the following time by meeting each of the needs. It can be a wise decision to add WooCommerce POS plugins to your website. Additionally, having POS in your store gives your customers protection and comfort of mind.


One of the best cloud point-of-sale solutions is ConnectPOS. This well-known point-of-sale program is in fact regarded as the most dependable POS available. It is a good option because of its many benefits and cutting-edge technology. These ensure that your omnichannel service is effective.

This hotel POS can accommodate the various needs and specifications of every hotel, regardless of size. For instance, it makes transactions possible both online and offline. You can therefore anticipate straightforward and automated transactions. Real-time synchronization is another great feature of this solution.


The necessary features and functionalities for a more seamless transaction are present in this WooCommerce POS plugin. You may sync your store’s sales and documents with your actual store using this. It would be simpler to manage your clientele as a result. OpenPOS Progressive Web Apps are among its new features.

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You may handle POS for your consumers at any moment of the day with the help of these services. After you buy it, there are no ongoing monthly fees for this plugin. You simply need to make one payment to use it. Additionally, it supports a number of businesses, including hotels, restaurants, and cafés. Use this plugin to get your store an effective POS system instead of spending a fortune on materials.


The FooSales Point of Sale (POS) plugin is unquestionably necessary if you want to turn your WooCommerce business into an omnichannel platform. It is a simple Woocommerce hotel POS that has both web and tablet applications to make it simpler for you to sell goods and services both online and off. Through an API (Application Programming Interface) connection, this plugin syncs all the information about your products, inventory, and orders with your online store.

Oliver POS

This WooCommerce POS Plugin is quite effective and aids in boosting sales. The fact that this plugin is responsive and simple to use may be one of the reasons it performs well. Its managerial structure is likewise simple to comprehend. Furthermore, you can engage a developer to complete the work for you without having to learn how to code. Additionally, you do not need to manually and frequently update your inventory. 

The fact that this plugin is free is another plus. The development team does not request credit card details. Only the ZIP files or direct download and activation on your WordPress website are required.

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Since it integrates a broad range of platforms and potent features to offer a smooth guest experience as well as the capacity to oversee an entire hotel operation from a single screen, Agilysys is the best overall hotel POS.

The Agilysys Company, one of the leaders in software for the hospitality industry, has released its fourth-quarter financial results for 2016. Total net revenue climbed 11% year over year in the fourth quarter. A significant increase in subscription-based revenues was the primary factor for this growth.

A significant contributor to Agilysys’ rapid market penetration in the food and beverage industry is the rGuest(r) Buy kiosk solution. It raises customer happiness, increases employee productivity, and decreases staff demand.

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