Bulk your gym store with the top 5 POS system Huong Vu October 16, 2023

Bulk your gym store with the top 5 POS system

Bulk your gym store with the top 5 POS system

According to figures, the worldwide fitness sector is over 86 billion USD. However, how well you can get the market share has to do with your capability of retaining members, processing payments, and so on. And POS for gym is among the best tools to bulk your gym.


ConnectPOS is well-known as a reliable cloud POS system that assists you in making fitness practices more effortless for your customers. For example, this system gives them the PWA Consumer App. With this app, your customers can discover gym equipment. Additionally, ConnectPOS allows them to do self-checkout or check-in. Moreover, the system utilizes AI Facial Recognition. This feature helps save the workout preferences of your customers. So, it can give suitable recommendations for them.

In addition, this POS for gym assists you in leveraging data. For example, you have reports created automatically by the point of sale system. You will be able to access handy data for an insight into sales performance. 


It enables calendaring, marketing, memberships, subscription billing, fitness evaluations, individual gym plan sales, and so on. So give it a try.

One of its best features is that this POS makes processing online and in-person payments easy. The eCommerce capability is great. It is also necessary on the occasions members at your gym want online workouts as well as online payments. 

Zen Planner POS for gym

It provides many functionalities that you are looking for. For example, scheduling, integration, auto-billing, and so on.

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One of the best features of this Zen Planner solution is its integrated percentage calculator. Your members as well as coaches can utilize it. In addition, you can do a good job of working out maximum lift percentages by leveraging this great calculator.


GymMaster enables you to process customers’ payments and generate sales on the go. It is a cloud system suitable for utilization in clubs and gyms in any size. 

One of the best features of this POS for gym is its flexible payments. With it, your customers can choose the payment method they favor. For example, it meets the needs of customers who want to make an upfront payment in cash. It also meets the demands of people who want to get the charge included in their billing cycle per month.

EZFacility POS for gym

EZFacility is a great point of sale solution too. With this system, you can provide your customers with custom branded applications.

One of the best features of this app is the ability to track invoices and so on. It can assist in automating billing, payment schedules, and other functions in your gym. When the EZFacility app is installed in the gym, you can define rates for billing products, gear, services, and so on. 

In conclusion, the list of POS for gym has given you some of the best point of sale systems in this field. Feel free to call us to receive a free demo and free consultation from our support team.

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