The 10 Best POS Ticketing Software For Events In Thailand (List Of 2024) ConnectPOS Content Creator April 2, 2024

The 10 Best POS Ticketing Software For Events In Thailand (List Of 2024)

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In 2024, the landscape of event management is evolving rapidly, and the demand for efficient point-of-sale (POS) ticketing software is higher than ever. To navigate through the multitude of options available, we’ve curated a list of the 10 best POS ticketing software for Events, highlighting the top contenders that excel in streamlining ticket sales and enhancing attendee experiences.

What is a POS Ticketing Software?

In the realm of event organization and management, efficiency, and precision are paramount. Whether it’s a bustling concert venue, a bustling conference center, or an intimate theater, the seamless handling of ticketing processes can make or break the success of an event. 

This is where Point of Sale (POS) ticketing software steps in, serving as the backbone of ticket sales and management operations. In light of the global projections, the Event Tickets market worldwide is expected to reach a revenue of US$85.07 billion by 2024, exhibiting an annual growth rate (CAGR 2024-2028) of 2.54%. 

This growth trajectory is anticipated to result in a projected market volume of US$94.06 billion by 2028. The efficiency and precision offered by POS ticketing software become increasingly crucial in facilitating this expansion, ensuring seamless ticket sales and enhancing the overall success of events worldwide.

POS software is a specialized system designed to streamline the process of selling tickets for events of all sizes, from small gatherings to large-scale festivals. At its core, POS ticketing software enables event organizers to create, list, sell, and manage tickets through a centralized platform. 

But its functionalities extend far beyond basic ticketing tasks, encompassing a wide range of features aimed at enhancing the overall event management experience.

Main Features of POS ticketing software

POS ticketing software is designed to streamline and enhance the ticketing process for events and businesses. Here are some main features commonly found in POS software:

  • Ticket selling management

The core functionality of POS software involves the ability to create, list, and sell tickets for events. This includes setting ticket prices, creating different ticket types (e.g., general admission, VIP), managing ticket inventory, and processing ticket sales transactions securely.

  • Merchandise management

Some POS ticketing software solutions offer integrated merchandise management capabilities, allowing event organizers to sell additional items such as merchandise, souvenirs, or concessions alongside tickets.

  • Stock management built for events

For events that involve selling physical goods or merchandise, POS software may include features for managing stock levels, tracking inventory, and generating reports on merchandise sales.

  • Omnichannel support

Modern POS software often provides omnichannel support, allowing tickets to be sold through various channels such as online websites, mobile apps, in-person box offices, and third-party ticketing platforms.

  • Seating management

For events with assigned seating arrangements (e.g., concerts, theaters), POS software may offer seating management tools to create seating charts, assign seats to ticket buyers, and visualize seat availability in real-time.

  • Custom access levels

POS ticketing software may include customizable access levels or permissions, enabling event organizers to control who can access certain features or perform specific actions within the system.

  • Mobile Ticketing and Check-In
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Many POS ticketing solutions offer mobile ticketing capabilities, allowing attendees to purchase tickets and receive digital tickets on their smartphones. Additionally, mobile check-in features enable event staff to validate tickets and admit attendees quickly and efficiently using mobile devices.

  • Membership programs

In a survey conducted in late 2022, 70% of Americans identified loyalty programs as a key factor in securing their allegiance to their favorite brands. Thus, POS ticketing software must integrate loyalty programs—point saving, membership tiers, etc. When applied effectively, this results in customer retention and satisfaction for businesses.

  • Integrated Ordering System

POS ticketing software may integrate with other systems or platforms, such as food and beverage ordering systems or CRM POS(Customer Relationship Management) software, to provide a seamless experience for attendees and streamline operations for event organizers.

Things To Consider When Looking For Your Next POS Ticketing System

When searching for your next online ticketing system, consider the following key factors to ensure a seamless and effective solution:


Make sure that the ticketing system you choose allows you to customize various elements, such as branding, ticket types, and seating arrangements. Take ConnectPOS as an example – this system offers diverse customization, which will help you match the look and feel of your event or organization.

Also, check for flexibility in pricing structures and ticket packages, so you can offer discounts, early bird specials, or VIP options as needed.

Finally, ensure that the system supports different types of events, such as concerts, conferences, workshops, and sports games, with tailored features for each of them.

Customer support

When looking for a ticketing provider, it’s important to prioritize those with a reputation for providing outstanding customer service and technical support. Look for platforms that offer multiple support channels like phone, email, live chat, and comprehensive online documentation. 

It’s also important to consider the availability of support, including response times and hours of operation. This is especially important if you host events outside regular business hours or in different time zones.

Pricing and structure

It is important to evaluate the pricing model of POS ticketing software to ensure that it fits your budget and offers good value for your needs. Take into account factors such as transaction fees, monthly subscriptions, setup costs, and any additional fees for premium features or add-ons.

Look for transparent pricing without any hidden fees or surprises, and consider negotiating for custom pricing if you expect to have a significant volume of ticket sales.

Reporting tools and customer data

Find a ticketing system with comprehensive reporting and analytics tools to track ticket sales, attendance rates, revenue trends, and customer demographics. The platform should also offer customizable reports and data export options to integrate with other tools or share insights with stakeholders.

Additionally, it is crucial to consider data security and compliance with regulations such as GDPR when handling sensitive customer information and payment data.

Marketing & communications

Choose a ticketing platform that includes built-in marketing features to help you promote your events and boost ticket sales.

Explore tools like email marketing, social media integration, and promotional code management to expand your reach and encourage purchases. Evaluate how the system supports communication with attendees, including the ability to send event reminders, updates, and post-event surveys, enhancing the overall participant experience.

Purchasing process

Evaluate the user experience of the ticket purchasing process from start to finish, including browsing events, selecting tickets, and completing the transaction. The platform must be mobile-friendly and optimized for various devices and screen sizes to accommodate users on the go.

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Implementing features like guest checkout, saved payment information, and interactive seating charts is essential to streamlining the process and minimizing friction for attendees. These features can significantly enhance the overall user experience.

By carefully considering these factors and selecting an online ticketing system that meets your immediate needs and provides scalability and flexibility for future growth and success, you can ensure that your ticket purchasing process is efficient, user-friendly, and effective.

Top 10 Best POS Ticketing Software For Events 

With a myriad of options available, finding the perfect fit for your needs can be daunting. To ease your decision-making process, we’ve compiled a comprehensive review of the top 10 POS ticketing software solutions currently dominating the market.


Experience extraordinary festivities with ConnectPOS, a specialized event POS designed to elevate every aspect of your event management. Tailor-made for seamless operations, ConnectPOS offers a range of features to ensure your event’s success:

  • Dynamic Ticket Management: Control ticket sales across tiers, leverage digital options, and use promo codes with instant analytics for revenue growth.
  • Comprehensive Merchandise Management: Streamline vendor integration seamlessly, optimize document handling, and enhance booth layout for improved vendor performance, ultimately maximizing event profitability through comprehensive merchandise management.
  • Stock Management Built For Events: Ensure real-time inventory tracking and HQ synchronization, even during peak event transaction volumes.
  • Versatile Payment And Ticketing Options: Enable various payment methods, digital tickets, ‘click and collect,’ and ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ to enhance attendee convenience and drive sales.
  • Intuitive Seating Management: Provide a seamless seat selection experience, efficiently manage seating, and incorporate tipping to elevate the overall customer experience.
  • Customizable Staff Permissions: Optimize functionality and enhance event security by assigning specific access levels based on staff roles.
  • Quick Mobile Ticketing And Check-In: Implement quick mobile ticketing and check-in processes to facilitate swift entry and enhance the attendee arrival experience, expediting access seamlessly.
  • Exclusive Member Benefits: Reward members with presale privileges and special promotions, fostering loyalty and enhancing overall satisfaction.
  • Streamlined In-Event Ordering: Maximize convenience by offering in-app merchandise and F&B orders to elevate the overall attendee experience.
  • Efficient Integration And Comprehensive Solution: Elevate your event’s efficiency with ConnectPOS by seamlessly syncing with leading e-commerce platforms, ERP, and CRM systems. Accommodate multiple payment gateways for a comprehensive event management solution.
  • Personalized Event Platform With POS Customizations: Optimize your event with ConnectPOS, a customizable POS ticketing software designed to adapt to your unique event management needs. Streamline staff access and merchandise tracking effortlessly for a personalized event experience.


Eventbrite is a well-known name in the event management industry, famous for its broad range of features and worldwide presence. 

Organizers can leverage Eventbrite to craft tailored event pages, streamline ticket sales, and manage attendee information with precision. The platform’s user-friendly design, coupled with a versatile mobile app, facilitates a smooth ticket purchasing experience and aids event discovery for attendees, enhancing ticket sales and bolstering event turnout.


FareHarbor emerges as a top-tier booking and reservation software, particularly for tour and activity providers.

 While its roots lie in tours and activities, FareHarbor’s ticketing prowess also extends to event organizers in need of robust POS software. Standout features include live inventory tracking and customizable booking widgets, providing a competitive edge in managing event sales and attendee engagement.


EventCreate offers a seamlessly intuitive ticketing platform, ideal for crafting and orchestrating events of varying magnitudes. The platform’s ease of use and flexible event page customization make the ticketing process a breeze for organizers and goers alike. 

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With powerful marketing tools at its disposal, such as targeted email campaigns and social media integration, EventCreate empowers organizers to effectively publicize their events and escalate ticket sales.


Eventix serves as a dynamic ticketing platform that caters to a diverse array of events, encompassing everything from high-energy concerts and festivals to professional conferences and educational workshops. 

Its adaptable pricing models and smooth integration with leading payment gateways equip organizers with the flexibility to sell tickets with efficiency. Eventix’s advanced reporting tools and insightful analytics dashboard provide deep dives into ticket sales patterns and attendee behaviors, enabling organizers to tailor their strategies for maximum engagement and revenue.


Xola stands out as comprehensive POS ticketing software thoughtfully designed for tour operators, activity providers, and event organizers. 

The platform’s user-friendly interface and robust feature set streamline the entire ticketing workflow. Customizable booking widgets and a live availability calendar ensure ticket inventory is managed effectively, enhancing the attendee purchasing experience and simplifying the sales process for organizers.

Ticket Tailor

Ticket Tailor offers a straightforward and efficient ticketing solution, particularly suitable for small to medium-sized events. 

Its clear-cut pricing and easily customizable event pages provide a budget-friendly option for organizers to promote and sell tickets online. The platform’s effortless integration with widely-used payment processors and social media channels ensures a broad outreach to potential attendees, coupled with a hassle-free engagement and purchasing experience.


vFairs excels as a versatile virtual event platform, integrating advanced ticketing and registration features perfect for hybrid and online event management. 

Tailoring to the specific needs of virtual and hybrid events, vFairs offers customizable forms and secure payment options, ensuring that attendees can navigate the ticketing process with ease and confidence.


RSVPify specializes in streamlining the registration and ticketing process for events of all types, from corporate functions to social gatherings. 

Its intuitive platform excels in handling intricate guest lists, customizing invitations, and simplifying the check-in process, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency of event management.

Silent Auction Pro

Silent Auction Pro is specifically designed for the unique demands of silent auctions and charity events, providing more than just ticketing—its features support the entire fundraising lifecycle. 

With a mobile bidding app and capabilities for real-time auction monitoring, Silent Auction Pro helps organizers boost engagement and increase fundraising potential, ensuring a smooth and successful event.

FAQs About POS Ticketing Software

  1. How Does POS Software Differ From Traditional Ticketing Methods?

POS software automates and digitizes the ticketing process, offering features such as dynamic ticket management, digital ticket options, and real-time analytics, which are not typically available with traditional paper-based ticketing systems.

  1. What Are The Key Features Of POS Ticketing Software?

Common features include dynamic ticket management, promotional code support, real-time analytics, comprehensive merchandise management, versatile payment options, seating management, staff permissions, mobile ticketing, member benefits, and integration capabilities.

  1. How Does The Software Handle Inventory For Events?

POS software includes stock management features to ensure that inventory levels match demand. This involves real-time tracking of merchandise and other event-related items, even during peak transaction volumes.


The top 10 POS ticketing software for events in 2024 represents the pinnacle of innovation and efficiency in event management. With their diverse features and capabilities, they offer event organizers the tools they need to streamline ticketing processes and enhance attendee experiences. 

These solutions are poised to continue shaping the future of event management by providing reliable, user-friendly, and comprehensive solutions for organizing successful events. 

If you require more information about ConnectPOS to see how it can support your events, please contact us.

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