Best POS Hardware 101: Embracing Your Business Success ConnectPOS Content Creator September 19, 2023

Best POS Hardware 101: Embracing Your Business Success

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A POS system needs both software and hardware in order to manage business activities effectively. However, while many merchants are familiar with terms like ‘inventory management’, ‘cash float management’, ‘reporting system’ which all refer to POS software, POS hardware is somehow neglected. As it deserves more than what it’s getting right now, in today’s issue, we present you with a 101 guide covering the best POS hardware to have in your system. 

POS terminal

A POS terminal is a device with a screen on which shopkeepers interact with POS software. Or in other words, a POS terminal is the platform for POS software to run on. It’s your front-of-house till screen and you cannot use the POS software without this. 

Unlike traditional cash registers with limited functions like calculating the total payable and storing cash, POS terminals are much more multi-functional. Some POS terminals have second screen displays, also known as customer screens. It’s a screen that faces customers at the check-out counter. At its core, the screens are meant to show the fundamental information to customers like product price, total bill, etc. But there is so much more to it. 

Find out more about how a POS terminal works and everything you need to choose the right one to fulfill your business needs and demands simply by clicking on the button below!

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Barcode scanner

Barcodes are not something strange to everyone. They are designed to store different kinds of information based on the demands of manufacturers and retailers. In order to “decode” a barcode, we need a device called a barcode scanner. A barcode scanner, also known as a price scanner or barcode reader, is an input device used to scan and read the information contained in a barcode. There are two main types of barcode scanners that are popular among merchants. 

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A barcode scanner deems among the best POS hardware to have thanks to its ability to speed up the check-out process. It is particularly useful when you’re running a retail business with high traffic and high transaction volumes. For example, food & drink retail stores, supermarkets, and boutiques are types of retail that are supposed to deal with a large number of customers and transactions every day. Barcode scanners are even more supportive during the peak period like Christmas, Lunar New Year, Valentine’s Day, etc. 

All in all, if you wish to integrate a barcode scanner into your system and don’t know where to start yet, click right down below to learn more about this powerful piece of POS hardware!

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Receipt printer

As straightforward as its name, this POS hardware is a kind of printer that is designed specifically for the purpose of printing receipts. While some card readers can print receipts themselves, other POS systems require a separate receipt printer for this task. 

With the growing concern for our environment, e-receipts are going strong. However, there are still customers who want printed receipts for their own reasons. If you work in a food stall or an ice-cream truck, a receipt printer might not be that necessary for you. But in shops selling more expensive products or anything that might be deducted later on as a business expense, equipping a receipt printer would be a sensible move. 

Explore more for further information and some suggestions on which brands are proving the best POS hardware when it comes to receipt printers!

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Mobile card reader

A mobile card reader is an electronic device that connects to a POS system to accept digital payments via credit or debit cards. There are many types of card readers, each of which serves different transaction kinds. Generally, people are more familiar with swiped transactions which can be performed by a basic mobile card reader. However, a higher-functioning mobile card reader can do much more. 

A mobile card reader is definitely a cannot-miss device in the list of essential POS hardware. In this era we’re living in, you’re likely to suffer if you don’t accept card payments. It’s a fact that normally, people are more tolerant when you can take payments by swiping only than when you say “sorry, we don’t accept cards”. 

For more details, don’t miss out on the article ‘Top 5 mobile card readers for retail business in 2021’!

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Cash drawer

A cash drawer, also called a register or till, stores cash, coins, checks, and other valuable items like coupons at the point of sale. At the end of each day, shift, or period, it’s vital for retailers to have their balance of cash-ins and cash-outs match with the total value of merchandise sold. That can only happen when you have your cash organized properly with a cash drawer. 

We have just talked about how being able to accept card payments is vital to retail businesses; cash, in fact, still remains the king. Statistics show that cash accounted for more than 50% in about half of the European countries in 2019. Thus, having a cash drawer integrated into your POS system is fundamental cause you will not want to accept cash without a cash drawer. This piece of POS hardware helps you store coins and banknotes safely. Without it, you are vulnerable to theft and discrepancies due to not keeping things organized.

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To have a solid start with cash drawers, take a look at the 5 best cash drawer providers and models in the market at the moment down below!

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Wrap it up

The heart of a POS system lies in the above hardware pieces, so we recommend starting there. We hope that today’s series has helped you with getting to know more about the best POS hardware pieces to integrate into your POS system and which provider to rely upon. Should you have any questions or need further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us now! It’s always ConnectPOS’s pleasure to be your companion on the way to your business success. 

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