Top 5 Receipt Printers For Retail Business In 2023 Quinn T. January 8, 2021
Top 5 Receipt Printers For Retail Business In 2023

Every business needs receipt printers in order to provide customers with their proof of purchase, but that is not the only purpose of a receipt printer. There are many great receipt printers available in the market. Don’t worry, we are here to provide you with the best 5 receipt printers for retail businesses for 2023.

What is a receipt printer?

A receipt printer is an essential part of any business. Based on the need of a business, most printers are available in different sizes, shapes, and features. These days, more businesses prefer mobile printers since they have all the features that could be found in a desktop printer, but in a smaller, more convenient size. 

Why do businesses need receipt printers?

With a receipt printer, businesses could provide receipts for customers, check cash deposits, order goods, verify transactions, and ensure that they are financially fluid. With that being said, having a receipt printer is considered mandatory for every business.  

Best receipt printers for retail businesses

Star Micronics TSP100III

This is a cost-effective, high-speed thermal printer. It has several connection options with a few insightful features to support contactless and mobile operations. 


  • High-speed: This printer could print up to 10 inches/second or 43 receipts/minute.
  • Multiple connection choices: The TSP100III could connect via LAN, WLAN, Bluetooth, and USB connections, making it a perfect fit for mobile or locally installed POS systems.
  • Device compatibility: The TSP100III printer could work on Windows, macOS, Linux platforms and all iPads, iPhones, and iPods. 
  • Support: Not only offer a two-year parts and labor warranty, but TSP100III also hosts online manuals and user support forums on its website.
  • Additional integration: All Receipts is TSP100III’s built-in feature that allows retailers to print QR codes at the bottom of each receipt, later customers could scan that code with their devices and would automatically generate a digital version of their receipts.

Regarding hardware integration ability, ConnectPOS is able to operate smoothly with most receipt printers, making it convenient for your staff to proceed with the payment and checkout process.


  • Tricky Bluetooth connection


This is a powerhouse printer designed for high-volume businesses. Its sturdiness which could withstand temperatures from 5 to 40 Celsius degrees makes it a perfect choice for everything from an ice cream shop to an outdoor resort. 


  • High-speed: The POS-X EVO HiSpeed truly lives up to its name, being able to print up to 12 inches/second, helps businesses cut down wasted time waiting for receipts to finish printing.
  • Connection: This printer supports Serial, Ethernet, and USB connections. 
  • Support: The printer comes with a 5-year warranty, the longest support service in all of the receipt printers. Its website even hosts a wealth of operations manuals.
  • Additional features: The POS-X EVO HiSpeed uses multiple printing languages so it could be used on most POS systems, as long as they are compatible with the printer.


  • Does not support Wifi or Bluetooth connections

Epson TM-T88VI 

Epson TM-T88VI is the most popular printer for restaurants. It is a powerful system in a restaurant setting and integrates directly with any restaurant POS system


  • High-speed: Epson TM-T88VI could reach a speed of 11.8 inches/second, slightly slower than POS-X EVO HiSpeed but faster than Star Micronics TSP100III. 
  • Connection: This printer could connect via USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth, and Near Field Communication (NFC).
  • Integration: The best feature of Epson TM-T88VI is probably the capability to integrate seamlessly with any POS system. 
  • Support: Epson TM-T88VI offers a generous 4-year warranty, along with comprehensive support resources on the website and via phone and email.
  • Additional feature: Epson TM-T88VI has a paper saving feature that consolidates the receipts and helps businesses save 49% more paper compared to other printers. 


  • When purchasing the product through a third-party seller, it is easy to mistake the model for an older, less functional one since the number of models could be confusing

Star Micronics mPOP

This printer has a guillotine-style cutter to prevent paper jams and an anti-curl function to keep the receipts flat, even at the end of the paper roll (which everybody knows how annoying it could get). That is not everything, the Star Micronics mPOP also has other interesting features.


  • Connection: The Star Micronics mPOP could connect to peripherals such as Bluetooth, USB, and Wifi. 
  • Integration: The printer could communicate with most mobile POS systems and also with a non-POS enabled Android tablet or iPad. It is compatible with Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows operating systems.
  • Support: This printer offers a 2-year warranty and hosts useful information such as user manuals and downloadable print drivers on the website. 
  • Additional feature: The Star Micronics mPOP is built into a mobile cash drawer, which helps enable small mobile businesses (like pop-up shops) to streamline their entire payment process. Similar to the TSP100III, the mPOP could also print QR codes. 


Epson Mobilink P60II 

The Epson Mobilink P60II is a mobile receipt printer and label printer all in one that could attach to a belt for wearability in stores, food trucks, or any mobile job sites. It also has a battery life of  46 hours and could withstand from up to 4 feet drops, of water, and cold temperatures.  


  • Connection: This printer could connect via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Near Field Communication (NFC) and could operate on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.
  • Integration: The Epson Mobilink P60II could integrate with mobile POS systems. 
  • Support: The printer comes with a 2-year warranty and loads of support on the website.
  • Additional feature: This receipt printer has an auto paper cutter to prevent paper jams and a paper-saving feature that could save up to 30%.


  • Slow print speed of only 4 inches/second
  • High cost for small businesses

Why should you integrate your POS system with a receipt printer?

There is no doubt about the importance of integrating a POS system with a receipt printer for retail businesses. A POS is responsible for processing hundreds and thousands of transactions, and a receipt printer has the role of printing the receipts for customers at the point the transaction occurs. Especially for restaurants, a receipt printer is used to print off orders back in the kitchen or at the bar. By integrating your POS system with a receipt printer, the transaction would be much more efficient and transparent. Furthermore, you could also look into POS systems that support receipt customization features.

With the ability to use diverse hardware, ConnectPOS is compatible with almost every kind of receipt printer.

Integrating ConnectPOS with a receipt printer can bring a multitude of benefits to your business. For one, it can streamline your cashier processes and help improve customer satisfaction, both of which are crucial to the success of any business. In this section, we will explore why integrating ConnectPOS with a receipt printer is a great decision.

To begin with, integrating ConnectPOS with a receipt printer can save you a lot of time and effort. By automating the printing of receipts, you can reduce the time it takes to complete transactions, freeing up more time for your employees to focus on other tasks. According to a study by the National Retail Federation, customers expect to wait no more than two minutes to complete a transaction at a retail store. With ConnectPOS and a receipt printer, you can meet these expectations and provide a more efficient service.

Additionally, using a receipt printer with ConnectPOS can improve the overall customer experience. By providing customers with professional-looking receipts, you are showing that your business is trustworthy and reliable. According to a survey by Ipsos, 94% of consumers believe that a business with a professional-looking receipt is more trustworthy. This can lead to an increase in customer loyalty and repeat business, ultimately resulting in higher profits for your business.

Plus, integrating ConnectPOS with a receipt printer can help you keep track of your inventory and sales trends. By tracking the number of receipts printed, you can get a better understanding of how many transactions are occurring at your store. This can help you identify peak sales times and adjust your business strategy accordingly. A study by Retail Systems Research finds that businesses that track receipts are more likely to be successful than those that do not.

Generally, integration this POS system with a receipt printer can have a significant impact on the success of your business. By streamlining cashier processes, improving the customer experience, and tracking inventory and sales trends, you can make your business more efficient and profitable. Plus, with the ability to use almost every kind of receipt printer, ConnectPOS is a versatile solution that can be tailored to the unique needs of your business.

And your choice is?

Receipt printers are vital to any business, better if it integrates with POS systems. After reading today’s article, we hope that you would have a better understanding of having a receipt printer and its role in your business.

So have you got a POS solution to pair with your receipt printer? If you are not sure about the option, we suggest you take a look at the one that is right at your fingertips. Also, contact us for the best support.

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