Best Magento POS extension to increase your sales Lana D June 30, 2022
Best Magento POS extension to increase your sales
Magento POS extension

To discover the right Magento POS extension for your company, you need to dedicate time and effort to research. This list of the best choices will quickly assist you in finding the best fit to increase your sales.


It is a fantastic point of sale system for your Magento store. This Magento POS extension offers an intuitive, accurate, and swift checkout. Also, it provides merchants with a seamless and friendly payment process, which includes a fast checkout, custom sales, order header notes, receipts, various tax rates, and so on.

Notable Features:

  • Synchronization in real-time
  • Find items swiftly by barcode, SKU, etc. 
  • Support every kind of Magento products
  • Track each store’s inventory as well as enable its real-time synchronization with the digital store, which prevents selling items not available.
  • Process purchase orders fast, with scanning barcodes for items quickly added to the cart of the shopper.
  • Support many payment methods
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Magento POS extension: Magestore POS

It is fast, robust, and simple to utilize. The entire checkout process has high accuracy. It is also safe and swift to process payments. This extension accepts many payment methods (offline and online alike). Also, you can have it linked to other Magento modules, allowing stock control and promotion features like gift cards accessible to offline purchasers.

Notable Features:

  • Payment terminal
  • POS reporting
  • Customer loyalty
  • Procurement
  • Purchase order management
  • Stock control

BoostMyShop POS

BoostMyShop is another big name in the Magento POS extension realm. You have the option to add sales orders effortlessly and fast within the Magento 2 back office. In addition, it allows merchants to develop a lot of virtual or physical deposits. You will have all the submissions assigned particular functions regarding whether the items linked with it are able to be sold, provided, and need changes.

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Notable Features:

  • Produce Z-reports
  • Assist new and current customers as well as guests
  • Create and automatically print receipts
  • Accept many payment methods as well as custom pricing
  • A touchscreen-optimized user interface 
  • Support Barcode scanner

Magento POS extension: Mageplaza POS

This provider offers a good POS solution that works to speed up your checkout procedure with front-end resembling screens as well as product thumbnail images. It just takes about 60 seconds for the employees to finish every checkout procedure from finding products, to selecting the right one by clicking the thumbnail image and hitting the Checkout button. In addition, this extension will assist you in meeting the needs of shoppers by supporting the delivery of a purchase order in more than a shipment and accepting many payment methods. 

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Notable Features:

  • Accept many payment methods (split payment, credit card, cash, and so on)
  • Support the delivery of a purchase order in more than a shipment 
  • Give the option for an offline refund
  • Find products by color and other attributes

In conclusion, we hope that this post assists you in making the best choice of Magento POS extension to increase your sales. For more information on this extension and even more, feel free to call us right now.

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