Best Ecommerce Apps To Run Your Retail Store ConnectPOS Content Creator September 23, 2023

Best Ecommerce Apps To Run Your Retail Store

Best Ecommerce Apps

In today’s digital world, the retailing market has experienced many advancements in eCommerce management. Among various available information, what are the benefits of eCommerce apps, and what are some of the best options?

Benefits Of Using eCommerce Apps

  • Applications load faster than websites
  • ECommerce apps often have excellent usability and user engagement
  • The market of eCommerce mobile apps will grow exponentially
  • People tend to use apps more than the actual sites on their smartphones
  • The ECommerce app allows us to create an advanced marketing strategy, manage SEO and customer reviews

Top eCommerce Apps For Your Retail Store


This is one of the best e-commerce mobile apps, which is a drop-shipping service responsible for delivering products to your customers.

Features of Oberlo include:

  • Tracking orders easily
  • Shipping from supplier to consumer without any interference or disruptions
  • Drop-shipping all the trending products from worldwide suppliers
  • Carrying out automatic order fulfillment and inventory management
  • Customizing products


This is a worth mentioning e-commerce app. This is a mobile builder app, where you can easily create customizable IOS or Android apps for your store to boost sales, drive engagement, and build a brand for your loyal customers.

Features of Vajro include:

  • Offers more than 20 pre-built themes
  • Updates changes in real-time and synchronize all the products with your store
  • Allows you to build and launch apps by knowing how to code them
  • Lets customers choose their mode of payment
  • Enables a smooth and easy checkout process with prefilled customer information
  • Offers and accepts multiple currencies
  • Allows abandoned cart and special deals notifications, as well as reclaiming the lost deals
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SEO Manager

This is one of the best eCommerce apps to manage your website traffic, keep SEO under control, and expand your business, which is quite easy to install.

Features of SEO Manager include:

  • Edit titles and descriptions of the products
  • Scan SEO issues
  • Has advanced meta settings
  • Allows site map management
  • Has keywords field and template titles


Smile is a loyalty app that can generate more sales through referral marketing. It allows you to motivate your customers to purchase by recommending your eCommerce store.

Features of smile include: 

  • Allows customers to create points, referral or VIP-based loyal programs to encourage more sales
  • Checks the results easily through Smile analytics


This software offers a wide range of solutions for eCommerce stores, with an option for a PWA Consumer App for customers.

Features of ConnectPOS include: 

  • Accepts various payment methods
  • Integrates easily with popular gateways with no transaction fees
  • Allows customers to select multiple warehouses in one order
  • Enables you to customize print receipts
  • Supports barcoding scanning
  • Works both online and offline


ECommerce mobile apps can bring new possibilities for businesses to enhance consumers’ experience and boost sales. We hope these apps mentioned above can help you to increase your sales, retain your valuable customers, and maintain your eCommerce reputation.

ConnectPOS can help your e-commerce business with technological solutions. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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