Store 1892: Transforming from X-POS to ConnectPOS ConnectPOS Content Creator November 18, 2019

Store 1892: Transforming from X-POS to ConnectPOS

Store 1892: Transforming from X-POS to ConnectPOS

About Store 1892

Located on one of the best shopping streets in Leeuwarden, Netherlands, Store 1892 has offered affordable and fashionable clothes for women of all ages for over ten years. Store 1892 has decided to upgrade its business with a leading POS system to continue delivering the best service. 

Urgent Needs For A Better POS System

At the time of the upgrade, Store 1892 had an online store based on Magento 1.9 and a brick-and-mortar store; they are also considering opening one more location soon. Thus, they need to elevate the current system to synchronize data between Magento and the POS system in real-time. 

Store 1892 has been a user of our former Magento POS, X-POS. Although X-POS could meet certain needs of Store 1892, it was slow and lacked some essential functions as their business grew.

Our Solutions 

After the trial period, Store 1892 decided to replace X-POS with ConnectPOS because “ConnectPOS is very user-friendly and quick,” Enrico, CEO of Store 1892, said, “We have been looking for other software as well, but they were too bulky, slow and way more expensive.”

Enrico likes the fact that ConnectPOS works with Magento via an API instead of being installed directly on Magento like X-POS before. Since not all the staff knows Magento, it saves time and makes it much easier for the cashiers to use POS without learning about Magento. They can open ConnectPOS on their browsers and start selling immediately, “which is great!”. The working speed of ConnectPOS is much faster because it’s not affected by Magento.

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Compared to X-POS, ConnectPOS is equipped with more features to meet the growing demands of retailers. When asked which her favorite features, Enrico has a long list: “Add discount per product, Reward Points, Simple search function, Adjustable receipt, Split payment. ConnectPOS is very easy to customize to our POS needs.”

Moving Forward

Store 1892 has noticed a significant improvement in in-store operation. “The selling goes quicker, and customers have less waiting time, especially during busy periods. And the staff likes it very much,” Enrico happily shared. They expect to raise the sales by 15  – 20% by the next quarter and speed up the opening of the new store.

Of course, there’s room for improvement, “I’m happy with ConnectPOS, but it still needs some customizations to fit the ‘European’ Netherlands setup.” However, Enrico trusts that the ConnectPOS team can continue developing and customizing the app to meet their requirements. 

“I might be a little demanding with the customization, but the team is very helpful and supportive,” Enrico said.

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