All you need to know about headless ecommerce platform Steven P February 1, 2023
All you need to know about headless ecommerce platform
All you need to know about headless ecommerce platform

As technology is growing at a rapid pace, more and more shopping experiences are taking place across channels and devices ranging from computers and mobile phones to smart devices and businesses. E-commerce faces the challenge of providing a seamless user experience throughout the shopping process. One of those solutions is headless trading platforms. In this article, we would like to introduce what businesses need to know about the headless eCommerce platform.

What is headless commerce?

Headless commerce first appeared on omnichannel platforms. Compared to traditional e-commerce platforms built on top of a monolithic architecture with tightly coupled back-end and front-end, this commerce allows businesses to sell their goods and services through a Web-based shopping experience. A headless commerce setup not only has a user interface completely decoupled from the back end but also communicates with each other through APIs (Application Programming Interface). E-commerce businesses can use headless CMS (Content Management System) and headless eCommerce platform to run their operations. This brings many benefits to the market.

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All you need to know about headless ecommerce platform

Overview of headless eCommerce platform


A headless eCommerce platform refers to a system that separates the front end of the eCommerce platform from the back end. What is known as the “user interface” of an eCommerce store is the customer-facing part where shoppers interact. This includes your business’s user interface, product pages, and more. The back end is where the business logic is empowered to run the entire experience the way the business wants it to and the customer never sees it. This includes all the technical elements of the store such as the shopping cart system, order processing, payment, shipping system, tax calculation, etc.

All you need to know about headless ecommerce platform


Headless ecommerce platform offers huge benefits to both brands and consumers.

Unlike traditional commerce solutions, the headless commerce platform does not restrict businesses from creating consumer experiences. Since the user interface is decoupled from the user interface, it is easier and less risky to change the content layer and will not disrupt the underlying infrastructure. This freedom to create customized and personalized experiences is vital in today’s Commerce market and holds the majority of revenue. The headless platform centralizes the content and can deliver it anywhere through the API and delivers a better customer experience. With customer information at their fingertips, retailers can personalize purchase recommendations, promotions, and browsing options for a specific channel to create more relevant offers to improve conversion rates.

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All you need to know about headless ecommerce platform

One benefit of these platforms is the ease of integration thanks to the means to connect different tools via APIs. This makes it simple for software platforms to communicate with each other while promoting seamless data connections and transfers. In addition, it delivers an omnichannel experience, which customers expect most with a consistent end-to-end experience as their shopping journey is carried out across multiple digital media, be it a computer or tablet. laptop, mobile phone, or chatbot. While traditional platforms can promise multi-channel capabilities, that’s not always the case. Headless commerce can help customer experience at every touchpoint by centralizing all customer information and providing a comprehensive API layer that allows front-end developers to import commerce into any customer experience.

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Commercetools is the best headless commerce platform available today with diverse features and support allowing users to freely experience. To connect to this platform, you can access via ConnectPOS for faster connection as it is one of the only POS (point-of-sale) systems that support Commercetools.

All you need to know about headless ecommerce platform


Businesses should use a headless eCommerce platform for business instantly to gain a larger market share. Contact us if you are in need of help to have the best platform.

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