How does the omnichannel trend affect the food delivery service?Lana DMarch 21, 2022
How does the omnichannel trend affect the food delivery service?
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The global coronavirus pandemic has made the market landscape turn upside down because of a lot of sectors. Online purchasing has seen some change. More than 35% of customers made use of online purchasing to find goods. This buying behavior is predicted to keep on after the pandemic. Over 42% of customers said that they want to purchase online more even after the Covid-19. For the general food sector and food delivery service, they need to take the omnichannel approach to stand out. How does the omnichannel trend affect the food delivery service? Read this article to find out the answer.

How the omnichannel trend affects the food delivery service

In America, the sales of online grocery shops increased more than 120% in 2020. According to experts, the trend will expectedly keep on after the Covid-19. This shows an over $57 billion growth chance for the food retail business.

Back rear view of young asian teenage girl in concept next normal life from coronavirus impact using smart phone on hand and pay by credit card at home. Food delivery or grocery order service at home.

What about in the U.K? According to statistics, the value of online food sales by month reached the highest at more than 145% of pre-Covid-19 levels in January. Above all, it keeps exceeding baseline volumes considerably.

Moreover, according to another trusted source, food delivery service for online orders attained over 610% as well as more than 1,300% above average at the beginning of 2020 for Italy as well as France, respectively. The general volume of sales decreased later in 2020. But online ordering remains a big market force.

Additionally, in the Middle East region, the food delivery service has become more into the omnichannel approach. According to a trusted source, BinDawood Holding, a supermarket in Saudi Arabia, enjoyed more than 150% growth in eCommerce sales. Meanwhile, according to another report, eCommerce sales in food in the United Arab Emirates increased by more than 258% last year. The famous Agthia Group from Abu Dhabi changed operations from hotel distribution to the eCommerce channels. Assisted by over 99 shipping trucks for home shipments, this change created an entire increase in digital sales.

Why choose omnichannel commerce for food delivery service?

Because shoppers expect a smooth buying experience, they wish the buying process, pickup, or shopping to be seamless. They also expect smooth order monitoring as well as great customer support. Customers do not like to have a hard time obtaining the information they want. More than 84% of buyers favor a combo of online and physical channels where they can have interaction with businesses.

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