A complete guide to WooCommerce POS app Steven P July 26, 2022
A complete guide to WooCommerce POS app
A complete guide to WooCommerce POS app

A good POS system will help a business easily manage data and business activities efficiently. The POS app of WooCommerce is a great tool. In this article, we would like to provide a complete guide to WooCommerce POS app for businesses to get started.

What is a WooCommerce POS app?

WooCommerce POS app refers to a web-based application that allows store owners to sell products online at brick-and-mortar stores seamlessly. This application turns any modern web browser into a cash register, allowing businesses to comprehensively manage their products, orders and customers. It’s a perfect app for retail stores, market stalls, food and beverage vendors, vape shops, jewelers, and more.

Benefits of WooCommerce POS app

WooCommerce POS app brings many benefits to businesses thanks to outstanding features such as helping to manage multiple stores by quickly and easily syncing stores; supporting POS reporting; allowing a variety of payment methods; supporting customer data management and inventory management.

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In particular, WooCommerce POS helps manage orders, which are all stored and sent to the appropriate departments. This POS app is also suitable for devices like iPad or Android tablets, which allows to enter customer orders quickly, calculate the total amount due and collect payment details.

This POS system gives you an advanced, web-based solution that is inexpensive and easy to set up that increases sales and workflow, provides a smooth customer experience and purchasing process, and is more interesting.

Start using WooCommerce POS app

To use the WooCommerce POS app, you must ensure that WordPress is set up. Besides, installing WooCommerce is also an important step. Install the necessary plugins and choose a theme for your store to attract customers’ attention from the first visit.

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After setting up your store, to use the POS app, you need to add merchandise and adjust additional parameters like shipping and payment requirements in your WooCommerce settings. You need to log in and add a few goods to your WooCommerce store, and at this point, all the goods are public and presented in the default layout. For more completeness, you need to be mindful of editing cart items and applying actions. For example, you need to edit the cart to display the quantity, price, product notes, and applicable promotions.

This POS application also supports order fulfillment, so you need to install a payment option set that shows the steps to complete the order, such as printing invoices, sending emails, signatures and notes.

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WooCommerce POS also supports inventory management and you can install it for your business with options like entering product information, storing, linking to smart shelves. In addition, from the Analytics to Orders tab, the store manager can check the completed orders at the POS. It is quite possible to filter orders depending on the registry and the store where they are placed from this page.


Whatever type of business you desire, the WooCommerce POS app can satisfy you with a complete business. Contact us to connect with this WooCommerce app.

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