A broad picture of Magento 2 certified solution specialist Huong Vu October 13, 2023

A broad picture of Magento 2 certified solution specialist

A broad picture of Magento 2 certified solution specialist

In today’s competitive world, getting a certificate will give you a more prestigious position in the eyes of your partner. Especially in the e-commerce market, achieving the Magento Solutions Expert certification is very important. In this article, we would like to give information about the Magento specialist and a broad picture of Magento 2 certified solution specialists to help you prepare for and obtain this certification.

What Is a Magento 2 Solution Specialist?

Magento 2 Solution Specialist refers to professionals who have a comprehensive understanding of architecture and components in the Magento 2 eCommerce platform. The Magento specialist must also have a general understanding of elements that extends outside of Magento. Accordingly, based on a deep background in business and E-commerce, a Magento specialist can effectively align business goals with the functions of the Magento platform. They will help to optimize the use of features and avoid unnecessary customizations.

A broad picture of Magento 2 certified solution specialist

This certification by Magento is often attractive to Business Analysts, Account Managers, and Project Managers.

At the same time, the professors should pay attention to the content and the format of the exam because this certification of the exam will help you understand more about eCommerce and Magento. When it comes to exam content, it covers a wide range of topics, from Magento API specifics to eCommerce slang and EU cookie laws. As for the format, to achieve the certificate, candidates will take a computer-based test consisting of 75 overall multiple-choice questions, of which 70 questions are scored. The winner will have 90 minutes to complete the task. The Magento 2 certified solutions specialist pass score is 75%, which means that achievers must answer correctly for approximately 53 items and more.

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Benefits when becoming Magento 2 certified solution specialist

Save time and money on Magento projects

When you get the Magento specialist certification, the mistakes in providing solutions will be limited and since then, businesses will not have to spend more time and money to fix broken projects. Well-trained experts will help pinpoint project problems and they will suggest possible solutions to ensure Magento projects are on time and within budget.

Connect with Magento innovations quickly

Magento is a commerce platform of the new age, so it is constantly updating features and coming up with new enhancements to match the market landscape. A Magento specialist is one who knows the platform best. They will give useful advice to keep the business up to date with the latest changes in the Magento platform and the company’s operations will stay on the right track along the way.

Increase the company’s reputation and gain customer trust

Magento certification is an important criterion that customers consider when choosing a technology solution provider. With the Magento specialist certificate, the company’s reputation will become more excellent and from there will be able to have more customers.


A Magento certification is a basic condition, but to achieve outstanding performance, your efforts and dedication to customer support is a necessary condition. If you need more information about a Magento 2-certified solution specialist, feel free to contact us.

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