6 Holiday Retail Display Ideas to Try This Season Huong Vu September 28, 2023

6 Holiday Retail Display Ideas to Try This Season

6 Holiday Retail Display Ideas to Try This Season

As the holiday season approaches, retailers are gearing up to capture the attention of festive shoppers. One powerful way to entice customers and boost sales is through captivating retail displays. 

In this post, we present six innovative holiday retail display ideas that are sure to elevate your store’s ambiance and create a delightful shopping experience for customers. 

From enchanting window displays to eye-catching product arrangements, these ideas will inspire you to craft an inviting and festive atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression on shoppers.

End Cap Unit

End cap units serve as eye-catching displays strategically positioned at the end of aisles to attract shoppers’ attention. They prove especially beneficial for stores with clearly marked aisles, as customers naturally notice these displays while navigating the store. 

By placing end cap displays, customers can easily view seasonal or special products without having to venture down a specific aisle.

Additionally, end cap units offer a durable and sturdy display option, making them ideal for showcasing your merchandise effectively.

Power Wings

Opt for the flexible and eye-catching power wings or sidekicks for your holiday retail displays. Hanging at eye level from existing shelving, they maximize space by attaching to aisle ends or end caps. 

Customize them to showcase holiday offerings and encourage impulse purchases, all while providing a fast and easy setup within your store. Elevate your visual impact and boost sales with these versatile and attractive display options.


In a store, every inch of floor space can significantly impact sales. Floor displays are standing displays that play a central role in showcasing your merchandise. 

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This holiday retail display elevates your products, enhancing their visibility and accessibility, while also drawing attention to the showcased items. With their organized shelves, floor displays become an attractive and effective means of advertising your brand’s products. 

Shoppers are enticed to examine your offerings more closely, making them more likely to make a purchase.


If you seek to enhance shopper engagement, opt for interactive retail displays, an exceptionally captivating option. Embracing technology through interactive displays allows your brand to stay relevant and adapt to evolving marketing trends

These displays offer shoppers an immersive experience, gather valuable consumer data, and effectively breathe life into your products. By integrating interactive elements, you create an engaging and memorable shopping experience that resonates with your audience and elevates your brand’s impact.

Aisle Unit

Similar to floor displays, aisle unit displays are freestanding and accessible from all sides. The advantage of aisle units lies in their ability to showcase a larger assortment of products, benefiting from their all-around accessibility. 

Moreover, aisle units excel at engaging shoppers by strategically disrupting traffic patterns and encouraging interaction and exploration. With their versatile design and effective engagement strategy, aisle unit displays prove to be a valuable addition to any retail space.


With the changing seasons and holiday rotations, opt for temporary displays that offer the ideal duration and effortless adaptability. Great Northern Instore provides temporary displays lasting from a few weeks to a couple of months, offering various printing and branding choices. 

These displays are not only cost-effective but also designed primarily with recyclable corrugated cardboard, making them environmentally friendly with up to 95% recyclable post-consumer waste. 

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To Sum up,

This holiday season, make your retail space truly stand out with these enchanting holiday retail display ideas. By infusing creativity and festive spirit into your store’s ambiance, you can captivate customers and elevate their shopping experience. 

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