4 retail outdated technology you must avoid ConnectPOS Content Creator October 13, 2023

4 retail outdated technology you must avoid

retail outdated technology

Using the retail outdated technology is highly likely to cost retailers more than the upgrade price. On the one hand, many businesses see this intuitively. Yet, on the other hand, there is a chance that they do not manage to realize such outdated stuff is a lost opportunity aside from a liability. In this post, we are putting together some of the old-fashioned technologies you must avoid. 

Outdated POS

Potent point of sale (POS) software is the most significant element that adds to today’s retail business growth. Your POS should work for you, not against you. Should your staff spend an excessive amount of time checking who has made which purchases or searching for various goods, do not hesitate to improve this system. 

Look out there for a trusted POS solution provider, for example, ConnectPOS to replace the outdated retail technology. ConnectPOS is a top-notch POS system provider that brings the most up-to-date omnichannel attributes to the table with 24/7 support to your related concerns. It should be one of your best bets if you are looking for a reliably updated and supportive POS provider.


We cannot deny that some offices these days still use calculators. But this device is considered a simple technology that is no longer helpful to a lot of businesses.

As you can see, calculator applications are readily accessible on computers, tablets, smartphones, and whatnot. That is why there is no need left for this separate gadget.

Traditional IT systems

These days, we do not see the prevalence of traditional on-premises IT systems anymore. With the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses encourage a certain part of their staff to work from home to support social distancing. In this regard, traditional IT has become a retail outdated technology while the cloud system is regarded by a lot of firms as a digital transformation system to enhance corporate continuity.

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A survey shows that out of IT spending at businesses, nearly 50% is for cloud computing. This is reasonable because cloud technology is widely available, quite reasonably priced, and boasts many perks over the on-premise system. 

Old computers

According to Microsoft, old computers have cost companies over 2,700 dollars each. It is also significant to note that computers whose age is 4 or older cost more than 20 hours of productivity because of crucial security fixes, updates, maintenance, and repairs.

One of the approaches to take in this matter is using HaaS (aka Hardware-as-a-Service). It generally provides retailers with hardware leasing-related flexibility. As you know, this used to have to be bought outright.

All in all

Above are some outdated technologies that you must avoid to make your business thrive. For instance, it is critical to consider replacing outdated POS with an updated one from ConnectPOS. We provide a lot of features and reasonable pricing packages suited to any business size. Plus, you are given a 14-day free trial to have a better idea of our system. Should you be interested in it, feel free to reach us now

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