5+ POS to offer 24/7 Magento support services Huong Vu October 14, 2023

5+ POS to offer 24/7 Magento support services

5+ POS to offer 24/7 Magento support services

POS software is useful in case your online shop is running on Magento. It helps ensure every activity of your shop works seamlessly. But giving new technology a shot has not ever been effortless. So, you need to find a POS that offers 24/7 Magento support services. Here, we compile a list of these POSs to help you out.

Why are 24/7 Magento support services important?

Responsive support is important for keeping your software in good shape, allowing it to operate at optimal capacity, and empowering your business in sales improvement. For example, let’s say you have no idea of what is up when the software is working on your Magestore shop. You will have to reach technical support any time you need it. 

5+ POS to offer 24/7 Magento support services


ConnectPOS is among the best cloud POS systems for omnichannel retail businesses. Magento POS makes it simple to keep tabs on many locations within the point-of-sale interface. With this system’s real-time synchronization capability, you will get updated with every single change from your offline and online shops as well as stock levels. Above all, this solution provides 24/7 Magento support from their experts to maximize and maintain your performance.


This POS provider is also a reliable name in the industry partly because of its customer service around the clock. By utilizing it, you will have 2 matching systems on hand: The Magento-native point of sale and the Magento system. All data from these 2 channels will have a real-time synchronization to a unified system.

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Lightspeed with 24/7 Magento support

Aside from the 24/7 customer service, this cloud POS solution makes a user-friendly connection between Lightspeed Retail and the Magento shop. Thanks to the auto process, specifics related to product catalogs will get synchronized to your Magento shop from Lightspeed. Similarly, you will have sales orders synchronized to Lightspeed from your Magento shop. 


It is an amazing tool that decreases the stress of monitoring many physical stores at the same time. It enables you to separately keep online and physical shops under control whilst ensuring the synchronization of data from the offline and online stores.

Ebizmarts with 24/7 Magento support

This native POS app with its responsive customer service will allow you to smoothly offer Magento products in your retail shops with a genuine omnichannel shopping experience. With it, you have every inventory, order, and item of your offline shops synchronized with your Magento sites.

Boost My Shop

This solution let merchants keep an eye on their Magento shops easily. The sales process of your store will be seamless via a friendly touch screen interface included in the Magento 2 admin panel. When it comes to any change, the system will update every data regarding online and offline shop sales in a centralized place.In conclusion, hopefully, the recommendations of 5+ POS to offer 24/7 Magento support services will help you find the best fit for your store. In case you have any questions, call us.

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