5 must-have commercetools extensions for newcomers in 2023 Huong Vu October 13, 2023

5 must-have commercetools extensions for newcomers in 2023

5 must-have commercetools extensions for newcomers in 2023

Commercetools is a next-generation software platform dedicated to providing a true headless commerce platform that works in the cloud, helping to build data blocks for the new era of digital commerce. With its extensive features, businesses will achieve the desired business performance. In this article, we would like to introduce 5 must-have commercetools extensions for newcomers in 2023.

5 must-have commercetools extensions for newcomers in 2023

Headless Platform API

Headless platform API (Application Programming Interface) is one of the must-have Commercetools extensions for newbies. These APIs will help businesses increase productivity and save costs through easy cross-platform compatibility. Besides, it also helps to improve the customer experience. The extension creates a unique and engaging customer experience across multiple channels. It is easy for companies to interact with customers, and developers can create solutions that meet specific customer expectations. What’s more, it’s easy for businesses to innovate and scale without risk. Commercetools encapsulates discrete, fully documented, and functionally extensible commercial functions.

Catalog Management

Category management is one of the Commercetools extensions that newbies need to have. This product portfolio management includes product management, product types and variants, and handling complex configurations in a dedicated view, simplifying the complexity of the business for customers. This management is key to increasing sales as it ensures product consistency and controls revenue. Businesses will be professionalized and approach customers in a systematic way.

Unified Cart

Commercetools offers a unified shopping cart extension. This unified shopping cart can integrate omnichannel selling and generating revenue with various touch points. You’ll save time by managing it all from one place, easily managing through an efficient overview of the payment process. This shopping cart both supports the business and makes it easy for the buyer to make a purchasing decision.

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Order Management

An extension that new traders must have in Commercetools is the order management feature. Today’s retail industry is rapidly moving from traditional to omnichannel. To build a unified commerce experience, businesses must both focus on engaging customers at each step of the user journey and provide them with product availability by channel and store location. With this extension, businesses can easily allow users to shop the way they want, online or offline without a hitch. Order management is the process from when a customer makes a purchase until they receive it. A good order management system is necessary for a smooth and efficient process from start to finish.

Merchant Center

Merchant Center is an outstanding extension of Commercetools. It is the enterprise’s commercial data center, providing the ability to view, manage and audit all information in the customer experience pipeline. Every business has different priorities and needs. That’s why the extension is incredibly customizable. If firms want to create unique dashboard widgets or specify how to filter and organize data, it allows them to set up the most efficient workspace. It is also the command base for the commercial engine APIs and Microservices, where all business products, categories, and projects are managed. It provides the best back-office tools, helping to manage the data and processes that are the backbone of a business’s day-to-day commercial operations.

ConnectPOS is one of the few POS (point-of-sale) systems that allow businesses to connect with Commercetools and experience the extensions of this headless commerce platform.


Commercetools extensions can help newcomers achieve significant achievements in 2023. Feel free to contact us if your business is aiming for these extensions of Commercetools.

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