The world’s first wireless POS customer monitor ConnectPOS Content Creator September 10, 2023

The world’s first wireless POS customer monitor

wireless POS

Though already commonly used in brick-and-mortar stores, current dual screen/ dual monitor POS systems usually pose a lot of unexpected problems to retailers. They require too many connecting wires, have to be at a fixed place and are difficult to move around. Especially, it costs retailers “a pretty penny” to buy specific hardware and scale up, while the POS customer monitor still provides only the total amount to pay, no advertisement, or no touchpoint interaction for customers. That is why ConnectPOS develops the world’s first wireless POS Customer Screen for Magento POS, as a solution for all of the complicated issues above.

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ConnectPOS Customer Monitor enhances customers’ shopping experience

WOW, your customers with their own POS monitor. They can now interact right on the touch Customer Screen to:

  • Review their items before paying
  • Check items stocks
  • Receive last-minute recommendations for relevant products
  • Digitally sign
  • Type email to receive e-receipt
  • Leave a rating with the store. 

ConnectPOS Customer monitor enhances shop owners’ experience

Especially, ConnectPOS Customer Screen will also be an effective tool in centralizing the management of advertisements over their store chains. For the first time, shop owners can set up advertisements to display immediately on all Customer Screens over their store chains, without going to the store. There are options for creating advertisements by uploading photos/ videos to Magento, or by adding a YouTube URL.

If you are worried about the budget needed to equip hardware such as an interactive and effective POS customer monitor, there is no better solution than the ConnectPOS Customer Screen. As a web-based application, it can work perfectly on any device from PC, to tablet to mobile, even in complicated environments such as iPads or iPhones with iOS, with a responsive design fit for every device. Using Remote Procedure Call technology, the ConnectPOS Customer Screen requires no wire, no setup but still ensures real-time sync between devices/screens.

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All in all, ConnectPOS Customer Screen creates an interactive touchpoint experience with customers, centralizes management over your store chains, and especially requires no wire, no setup, no effort to get all your data real-time synchronized between devices.

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