Which Features Make ConnectPOS Stand Out Among Other Competitors? ConnectPOS Content Creator September 28, 2023

Which Features Make ConnectPOS Stand Out Among Other Competitors?

Features Make ConnectPOS

Having served more than 2000 retailers worldwide, ConnectPOS is a leading point of sale (POS) provider with top-notch technology for omnichannel retail. Are you new to ConnectPOS and want to know more about its distinctive features? This article will discuss the 5 most outstanding features of ConnectPOS that make the system stand out among competitors.

Compatibility with different devices and operating systems

ConnectPOS is designed for flexibility so that merchants can install the POS system easily to different types of devices. The system is compatible with multiple devices, ranging from PCs tablets to mobile phones. This is a selling point of ConnectPOS, considering the dynamic roles of POS systems in modern days. In traditional brick-and-mortar stores, POS can be downloaded to a PC at the checkout counter. In restaurants, waitresses need a tablet POS to get customers’ orders right at their tables. Meanwhile, many businesses are now finding a portable mobile POS to bring anywhere in the store.

In addition, ConnectPOS can also run on both iOS and Android. Many businesses struggle to find a powerful system that can operate on Android, due to the dominance of iOS in the POS market. Therefore, ConnectPOS is the ideal solution for Android users. If you are both an iOS and Android lover? It also fits you as well. For these reasons, ConnectPOS is an all-in-one solution considering the diversity of devices.

No additional fees when using third-party payments

ConnectPOS is developed to offer customers the most powerful yet affordable POS solution. The system charges no additional fees when customers use third-party payments. 

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ConnectPOS is already integrated with several popular payment gateways, namely PayPal or Moneris, making the checkout process become more convenient for different types of customers. However, ConnectPOS customers only pay directly to third-party payment companies. 

Why is this one of the most outstanding ConnectPOS features? Some other point of sale providers, such as Shopify POS, have built-in payment gateways and demand users to pay a certain amount when completing a transaction via third-party providers. Meanwhile, ConnectPOS with no extra fee is an affordable solution to opt for.

Click and collect

ConnectPOS also prides itself on the omnichannel features that allow users to shop across online and offline channels. Omnichannel shopping is becoming a new trend, with 45% of shoppers currently buying online and picking up in store. 

Knowing this increasing demand, ConnectPOS offers excellent click and collect features. It allows customers to buy online and pick up in store without any disruption in the POS system. Staff members can easily add customer information and complete the transaction once the item is picked up.

Real-time synchronization

This feature is particularly suitable for businesses with multiple stores or warehouses. Real-time synchronization of ConnectPOS helps merchants to stay up-to-date about their inventory levels, tax amount, or orders across different locations. In addition to that, the Offline Mode can save data during sudden outages and automatically update them once the Internet connection is back. Without a doubt, synchronization with or without the Internet is both needed to get informed about your selling activities.

PWA consumer app

The PWA consumer app is the top-notch technology of many ConnectPOS features. It is a good supplement for the omnichannel shopping experience. This app allows consumers to self-checkout during busy hours and avoid long waiting queues. In physical stores, it can serve as a tool for buyers to explore the items. By scanning the QR code with the app, customers can access the full features of each item on their phone. The future of shopping is within reach by ConnectPOS.

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Above are the 5 most outstanding features of ConnectPOS. We hope this information can give you a better understanding of the product. If you want to explore a detailed description of our features, visit this page. Don’t hesitate to start a free trial or contact us for more information!

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