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What Is Workflow Automation?

What Is Workflow Automation

What Is Workflow Automation is designing, executing, and automating processes based on workflow regulations. When adopting this process, human activities, data, or files are all routed between people or systems according to pre-defined business rules.

Workflow automation can be planned and built visually using a drag-and-drop interface to incorporate and organize tasks and simulate or improve current processes. In most instances, the procedure is depicted in a static format and verified for consistency by all stakeholders. 

How workflow automation supports businesses

You can transform repetitive, time-consuming, and manual work processes into automated workflows. Subsequently, thanks to advanced technologies, this workflow helps you to increase your company’s productivity.

For example, the traditional workflows may leads to misunderstandings, uncertainty, and occasionally job omissions. On the contrary, the development in workflow facilitates new hires entering their information and sending it directly to human resources personnel, which speeds up the process.

Workflow automation statistics

Workflow automation statistics is the essence of digital transformation. Instead of hard work, it entails smart work. The time budget of businesses as well as their employees can be effectively allocated to other purposes.

To illustrate, manually entering data is not a pleasant experience. It consumes not only a lot of time but also a lot of money. Businesses can increase their efficiency by incorporating process automation.

Example of workflow automation

Abandoned cart emails

When a prospective customer adds items to his online shopping cart, he leaves without making any purchases. The business now has an abandoned cart. This can occur for a variety of reasons, the most important of which are:

  • Costs that were not expected, especially shipping costs
  • The need to build an account or a complicated checkout process
  • Security concerns about the website
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Every reason for this phenomenon will be recorded immediately and then a follow up email will be sent to the customer to remind them of their items on the cart.

Welcome Message

The importance of welcome messages in establishing a partnership with new customers cannot be overstated. They are one of customers’ first engagement to your brand. 

These messages should be sent automatically at the appropriate time, such as right after a customer completes a form. They must also be understandable, descriptive, and actionable.

Auto tag products

Product tags are descriptive labels placed on goods to aid in the organization and track the items in a warehouse, store, or shipment. Product names, barcodes, product details, and even SKU numbers can all be found on product tags.

Attribute metadata refers to a collection of additional attributes associated with a product. They enrich your database by adding comprehensive descriptions and details. Your product title and description, such as “Floral-Print Crepe Midi Dress,” will be stored in data warehouses.

You will enhance search functionality, product rating, and product reviews for your customers by adding attribute metadata to your items. In the same way, you will also simplify the inventory management process on the company side.

Auto publish products

Automated publishing is varied, ranging from workflow automation to fully document creating automation. Greater automation provides more benefits, but it usually necessitates a larger investment.

Final thought, 

Many businesses begin with simple automation and advance to more complex automation over time, but you can start wherever you want and go at your own pace.

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