Top Sport POS system in 2023: Review and Pricing Huong Vu October 13, 2023

Top Sport POS system in 2023: Review and Pricing

Top Sport POS system in 2023: Review and Pricing

The top retail sports POS systems enable you to manage your inventory, track sales, and streamline the checkout process. Additionally, we offer other top sport POS system rankings for various business kinds. Now seeing them in our article!


A cloud-based point-of-sale system for omnichannel retail is called ConnectPOS. ConnectPOS, one of the top sport POS systems on the market, is renowned for being feature-rich, cutting-edge technologically, and simple to use. 

As a result, it is appropriate for enterprises of various sizes and types. Especially, ConnectPOS rates it as one of the top POS systems for sporting goods and outdoor clothing stores. More than 2000 retailers worldwide rely on this POS system provider.

The versatility of ConnectPOS’s connectivity with various devices is a desirable feature. This POS software works with all devices, including desktops, laptops (macOS, Windows), and mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones (iOS, Android).

Additionally, this POS system provider takes great pride in being cost-effective while still delivering crucial features for running a retail business successfully. There are no surprises in the price structures, which are clear and concise. 

Retailers can begin with the Standard plan for either US$39 per year or US$49 per month when they pay monthly. With this strategy, firms are guaranteed key benefits without having to make a sizable upfront expenditure. Even better, with the Custom plan, businesses may design their own POS system. By doing so, you may DIY ( do it yourself) your POS to fit both your requirements and your budget.

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Shopify POS

The sport POS system from Shopify is fantastic for an omnichannel retail business. You can easily manage local shipping and delivery requests, complete in-person transactions, ship the products and remind customers to finish their shopping by sending them emails when their carts are abandoned.

Smart inventory management capabilities like automatically generating purchase orders, low stock alarms depending on your sales rates, and more are included in Shopify POS.

However, the built-in marketing capabilities are what really stand out. You can conduct tailored campaigns and discounts to increase sales at your store with the correct client profile data (email accounts, marketing preference, etc.).

FooSales POS

FooSales sport POS system was introduced in 2018, and since then it has expanded rapidly and is currently regarded as one of the top POS systems for sporting & outdoor retail.

This POS system’s capacity to function across several platforms is one of its most potent features. FooSales POS is accessible with all PC-based platforms, including macOS and Windows, as well as tablets and mobile devices running iOS and Android.

Regarding pricing, shops are eligible for a 30-day trial that doesn’t require a credit card. Following that, companies may remain using FooSales POS by purchasing a single domain plan for $15 per month or a numerous domains plan for $45 per month. A yearly plan is also available at a reduced cost; it costs $144 for a single domain and $429 for several domains.

eHopper POS

The all-in-one POS system from eHopper is a feature-rich option for small stores at an excellent price. It enables you to accept transactions rapidly to offer flawless customer satisfaction and spend more time generating sales.

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Unlike others, eHopper regrettably does not support mobile devices. On the good side (if you are a US retail shop), its POS programs have a 0% processing cost!

To stay on top of your business operations, you can also instantly view all of your real-time data and reports, including your stock levels, daily revenue, sold items, and order specifics.

Vend POS

Another cloud-based POS solution is Vend POS. The sport POS system solution provider, which is among the best POS systems for sports & outdoors, guarantees to assist merchants by streamlining processes, increasing productivity, and enhancing sales results.

This POS’s ability to function properly across a variety of devices is a respectable feature. Vend POS is an option for retailers who want their point-of-sale system to be compatible with computers (Windows, macOS) and mobile devices (iOS, Android). Although Android-based POS has recently been available, Vend mobile POS previously could only function on iOS-based devices.


ConnectPOS has all the tools and skills necessary to provide some of the best sport POS systems available. Contact us to examine our recommendation in greater detail.

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