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Top PWA POS System

PWA POS System

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) use the same technologies and strategies as websites but take a mobile-first approach and deploy to users via modern web browsers without installing smartphones or tablets. The result is an app that’s just as useful as native apps but takes up much less smartphone space. Web developers who want to build PWA should check out the list of top PWA POS system below.

What Is PWA POS system?

A Progressive Web Application, or PWA, is a website designed to use modern web technologies to deliver an integrated user experience across all platforms. A progressive web app can be thought of as a “web app on steroids,” designed to not only meet the needs of the browser but also with natively advanced capabilities that truly take advantage of mobile devices and bring them into parity with desktop experiences.

Top PWA POS system

PWA Consumer App by ConnectPOS

PWA Consumer App gives you a complete mobile experience by allowing customers to check out, pay, and use their ConnectPOS services on the go.

Main Features

  • QR code payments: With the PWA Consumer App, customers can easily pay and check out via QR code. This feature reduces wait times and streamlines the payment process.
  • Barcode scanning: ConnectPOS allows shoppers to quickly access product information by scanning the barcode. This shows important details such as package size, price, weight, and other useful information.
  • Personalized recommendations: ConnectPOS offers personalization in recommendations based on purchase history. This feature provides upsell and cross-sell offers to encourage visitors to purchase additional items, enhancing their experience and increasing sales.
  • Easy self-checkout: Customers can save time with easy self-checkout in seconds by using credit cards stored on their phones with ConnectPOS.
  • Multi-device checkout: The system offers multi-device checkout on any web browser, such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. This allows customers to manage their accounts and complete purchases on any device.
  • In-store behavior data: ConnectPOS allows businesses to collect data about in-store behaviors. This information can help understand customers’ preferences and tailor marketing efforts to their needs.
  • Price comparison: Last but not least, ConnectPOS allows customers to scan the barcode of products and see how much they’ll save by purchasing at a lower price. This provides valuable information to make informed purchasing decisions.
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Importantly, ConnectPOS’s features reduce wait times, increase sales, and improve the shopping experience for customers.


Contact ConnectPOS for more pricing information.

Free Trail

Magento 2 PWA POS by MagespaceX

The Magespace POS PWA allows Magento merchants to deliver a truly mobile-first shopping experience. Merchants can deliver specific mobile-optimized content, content filtering features, more flexible payment methods, offline modes, and more.

Main Features

  • Quick checkout process for mobile users: Customers can easily complete the checkout process directly in the Magento backend with just a single tap on their phone or tablet. They can also create customized checkouts for certain product types or even delivery times.
  • Faster search results: Customers can get search results from a dedicated landing page, which provides access to all product details, including images and descriptions.
  • Improved user experience for content filtering: Customers can get a better user experience for filtering categories and products using various criteria.


  • To purchase the extension, there are two payment options available: 12 Months Access ($199) or Lifetime ($999).

PWA POS by Magestore

PWA POS by Magestore takes the hassle out of running your retail store even if you don’t have a lot of experience. It provides a second checkout to help customers avoid waiting in line and improve your cash flow by making it easy to set up automatic discounts for products or products with higher quantities.

Main Features

  • Ease of Setup: When the POS PWA is set up, it will begin using your Magento store as soon as you publish.
  • Automated Discounts: Discounts are automatically created and applied to orders in your e-commerce store. By doing this, you can encourage more sales and reduce waste by incentivizing customers to take action. For example, you can create a discount code that offers customers 10% off their order if they purchase within a certain timeframe or if they spend a certain amount. 
  • Free Reports: This allows you to view your e-commerce store’s performance through a variety of reports. These reports can help you identify trends, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions about your business. For instance, you might use reports to analyze your sales data (such as how much revenue you’re generating per month, which products are selling most, and which customers are making the most purchases), to monitor the performance of your marketing campaigns, or to analyze your web traffic. With free reports, you can keep a constant eye on your store’s performance and quickly identify any issues or opportunities for growth.
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  • You can get a quote from Magestore for the Professional version or the Enterprise version.

PWA POS by Webkul

PWA POS by Webkul makes online shopping fun for both customers and merchants. It provides a convenient experience where customers can check out pre-registration, check out with facial recognition, pay using QR codes. All of these features would delight your customers.

Main Features

  • Support Pre-registration: Customers can register their face before they visit your store for a better experience.
  • Support self-checkout: You can provide the first checkout for customers who don’t need assistance or want to finish prerequisites to make a purchase.
  • Payment via QR code: Customers can simply scan the QR Code which is also customizable.
  • Offline support: You can allow customers to complete checkouts even if they are offline.


  • Community Edition: $199
  • Enterprise Edition: $398

Wrapping Up

From the above list, we can clearly see that there are many PWA POS solutions available in the market and they are quite different from each other. However, all of them use responsive design to build a great user experience on mobile devices and provide advanced features including multi-currency support. To get more information about this topic, contact ConnectPOS now!

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