Top POS review: 5 most popular POS system in the market Lana D August 30, 2022
Top POS review: 5 most popular POS system in the market

POS systems are one of the most trusted solutions these days. As you may notice, a couple of point-of-sale solutions are all-time favorites among retailers and businesses, and their popularity only increases, not the other way around. Below is the top POS review you should take note of. There, we curate the list of the five most popular POS systems in the market.



ConnectPOS is a popular POS solution leveraged by any kind of business. It has a simplified and effective check-out process, ultimate accuracy of calculation, and super quick processing. It works smoothly on various platforms, for example, Mac, PC as well as iPad.

ConnectPOS has got the top POS review. Its notable attributes include exchange, refund, deposit taking, multiple payments, muti-warehouse & multi-store management, offline mode, and the list would go on. It syncs various settings, for instance, tax regulations, products, categories, and customers in real-time. Ultimately, these highlights enable customers to have the smoothest omnichannel service experience possible.

Top POS review: Square

Top POS review: Square

This system provides shoppers with a quick checkout and generates customer profiles automatically. Staff will have no difficulty customizing their sales by inserting locations and employees in charge. Square also allows for 3rd-party app connections, such as DoorDash. 

Besides, the software facilitates communication with clients. It lets you send them marketing updates via emails and promote your shop through social media platforms, all by means of your point-of-sale dashboard. 



According to the top POS review, this software is a cloud point of sale solution that runs on PC, Mac, as well as iPad and syncs over everything of the device. Quite a lot of shoppers show interest in its flexible buying options such as layaway programs or making buys on account with part payments of the money quantity owed. Also, businesses can allow their shoppers to pay with multiple kinds of tender by accepting two kinds of payment or more in one transaction. 

Another thing customers like about this system is that it can run offline. That is why shoppers will not have to wait until there is an Internet connection again.

Top POS review: Shopify POS

This point-of-sale software is another good option for unifying online and physical sales. Multiple choices of combining offline and online purchasing ways will attract modern customers. They appreciate flexible payment methods, including accepting multiple kinds of payment in one transaction, layaways or deposits, part payments, and gift cards. Also, inventory items can get ordered not just depending on sales but stock forecasts. 


According to the top POS review, this cloud point-of-sale solution assists retail businesses in improving their customer experience. As it is accessible on the iPad, taking care of your sales and stock on the go is simple. Besides, you have the option to centralize buying with integrated purchase orders which combine multiple shop locations and vendors.

In conclusion, after reading this top POS review, have you discovered your best fit? Do not worry if you have not. We are here to support you whenever you want. Call us now.

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