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Top 5 Ideal POS Software For Macs

Ideal POS Software

Although there are not as much POS software for Macs as for PC or Ipad, retailers using Mac in their stores still have some excellent options. Certainly, these Mac POS software can work just as effectively as others for PC or even much better. Let’s find out the top 5 ideal POS software for Macs.


ConnectPOS is a leading POS solution that can work well with every modern computing device including Mac, PC, iPad, mobile phone, etc. Since 2011, there are more than 2000 all-sized retailers in many different countries choosing ConnectPOS for their stores. The reason is that this POS system offers an array of powerful features that can leverage and optimize their business.

First of all, ConnectPOS is greatly easy to use. This solution is designed with straightforward software and a handy interface. Hence, retailers do not need to have experts in technology software or spend loads of time training their staff to use this solution. Moreover, the solution is highly customizable. Retailers can optimize the system flexibly to optimize as well as make it best fit their business situation. 

Additionally, this ConnectPOS can connect with the majority of popular and highly secured third-party payment providers in every country including Apple Pay. Retailers can not only directly pay for these providers right in the system but also do not need to pay any extra transaction fees.


Although Square is usually used on Ipads rather than Mac, the provider of this solution has developed a Square Reader to support Mac devices. However, retailers will have to charge 10 dollars for this connector. But this is not really a big deal when Square allows people to create free accounts. 

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The highlight feature of Square is its ability to integrate payment processing into the POS software, which enables retailers to launch their stores right after creating a Square account. In addition to the fee for the Mac connector, Square also requires retailers to charge payment processing fees for each transaction. This fee ranges from 2.6% to 3.4% of total value depending on the particular types of transactions you make. 


Another excellent POS software for Macs is TouchBistro. The POS solution from this provider mainly focuses on food and beverage business owners. And of course, with such a targeted customer base, TouchBistro has developed special features for this industry. 

With TouchBistro, the staff is able to punch in customers’ orders in real-time using their Mac at the order table instead of going back and forth in their restaurant. Also, TouchBistro enables store owners to create special loyalty programs that are suitable for their market and fulfill customers’ expectations. These programs are always an effective way to attract prospective customers and keep them back in the stores.


Hike is an Australia-based POS solution specially designed for MacOS devices. The POS solution can be quickly and easily set up and handle your store problems with various helpful features. This all-in-one ideal POS software for Mac is a perfect solution for small businesses.

Hike’s inventory features allow unlimited products and variations. Moreover, retailers can also customize their product options, tax rules, receipt templates, etc right in the system. Hike POS solution also enables retail stores to integrate with other useful business tools such as Shopify, Quickbooks or Xero.

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Vend POS is not only a POS software for Mac but the business also provides retailers with Mac-compatible hardware. Besides, Vend POS also offers many valuable features for all types of businesses. 

The inventory management feature of Vend enables retailers to closely monitor their inventory status and timely solve solution problems in the warehouse. Retailers can also create and sell products in bundles right in your Mac devices. 

In addition, Vend allows retailers to easily integrate with numerous payment providers in the retail solution market such as Square, Bluedog, Chase, Elavon. These integrations can make huge contributions to optimizing the retail process in stores.


Many retail owners choose Mac devices due to their functionality and security. However, many of them also find it difficult to have suitable ideal POS software for Macs. By bringing here some outstanding Mac POS solutions in the market, we hope to help somewhat you easier choose one for your stores. If you still have any questions, please contact us anytime!

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