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Top Free WooCommerce Plugins For Online Stores

Free WooCommerce Plugin

WooCommerce is among the most popular eCommerce platforms for online stores, with up to 3.9 million websites as of January 2020. As part of WordPress, users also have access to both the WordPress and WooCommerce App Store, which is enormous, with up to 50,000 plug-ins. In today’s article, we have gathered 4 top free WooCommerce plugins that can add great features to your eCommerce store. 


RafflePress is among the top free WooCommerce plugins, which is a huge motivation for customers to buy at your store. It is one of the best contest and giveaway add-ons, which allows you to grow your email list, get more website traffic, and increase social media followers. 

Customers can participate in the giveaways by performing social actions like tweeting, watching a video, following a social media profile, tag friends, and more. It has actions for all popular social media platforms and CRMS. 

It comes with a drag-and-drop builder to help users create a successful giveaway campaign in just a few minutes without writing any code

Here are several key features of RafflePress: 

  • Drag-and-Drop Builder – successful giveaway campaigns can be created within a few minutes without needing the help of a developer
  • Viral templates – start with pre-built giveaway templates to get more subscribers, improve engagement, and grow traffic
  • Mobile friendly – this platform’s widget is 100% responsive meaning it works great on all mobile, tablets, and desktops
  • Social media integrations – Raffle Press helps you grow your following on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and more
  • Marketing & CRM integrations – RafflePress helps you to easily grow your email list and seamlessly integrates with your favorite email marketing services and CRMs

TI WooCommerce Wishlist 

The platform gives you the ability to add wishlist functionality to your WooCommerce store. Sometimes, your customers don’t have the intention to buy right away as they are preparing for a birthday coming up or they cannot afford the item yet. Hence, a wishlist is a great way to let your shoppers save one or more items for later. 

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With this add-on, each product on your site gets an ‘Add to wishlist button’, and users can view their wishlist on a separate page that the plugin creates for you. All of these great features have earned TI WooCommerce Wishlist a spot in our list of the top free WooCommerce plugins for online stores. 

Here are other outstanding built-in features:

  • Customizable wishlist table – users can show/hide any column in the wishlist table on the wishlist page. You can decide what information to show your shoppers and whatnot, which makes your wishlist page informative and simple
  • Responsive and Retina-ready design – the wishlist will look and work perfectly on any devices and they layouts are user-friendly
  • GDPR Ready – the platform does not collect any personal data from website visitors which makes it GDPR compliant
  • Translation ready- no matter which language you use TI WooCommerce Wishlist has it. Simply choose the most convenient way for you: using the poEdit tool, Loco Translate, WP Multilan or WPML


This is the number one funnel builder on WordPress and WooCommerce which is the reason why it appears on our list of top free WooCommerce plugins. Normal funnel builder allows you to customize your existing WooCommerce checkout process. Still, CartFlows takes things one step further by letting you replace the default checkout process with your own custom checkout, built with your WordPress page builder of choice. 

One of the greatest features of this platform is that it lets you build checkout funnels, complete with order bumps and upsells. For instance, when someone is buying an expensive Hermes bag, you could display a special order bump offer for a scarf or the signature horse keychain to further embellish the luxurious look of the Birkin bag. 

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Here are several other great key features offered in CartFlows: 

  • Ready-to-import templates – the platform offers a collection of high converting templates. You can add a professionally crafted, multistep funnel with one mouse click
  • Conversion tested checkout – CartFlows replaces your complicated checkout process with their optimized checkout that instantly increases conversion rates
  • Custom next step/thank you pages – your buyer’s journey doesn’t end after making payment. CartFlows will guide your buyers to a custom thank you page which make suggestions for their next purchase based on their hobbies and preferences which are collected throughout their buying process


The last name in our list of the top free WooCommerce plugins today is TrustPulse, the best FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and social proof notifications plugin on this platform. When visitors leave your website without taking any conversion action, TrustPulse can convert some of those people to buy your product or subscribe to your email list by sending pop-up notifications. 

For instance, you need a new dress for your company’s Year-End party and have a store in mind so you decide to go shopping online. You found the dress you want but you hesitate as you don’t know if you can trust this website or not. This is where TrustPulse will come in and show notification of ‘Linh, from Danang, just bought this new, gorgeous dress 2 minutes ago’. Immediately, you feel more confident in making the purchase.    

This is a typical example of how this software can help your online store. According to TrustPulse, by doing so, 60% of customers make their purchase after experiencing the FOMO, most often within 24 hours which has brought a great number of sales and revenues to businesses. 

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Here are several key features of TrustPulse: 

  • Leverage FOMO with real-time event tracking to show what live visitors are doing on your site
  • Live stream any action on your site including WooCommerce sales, membership signups, etc
  • FOMO analytics to measure views and conversions

Ultimate WooCommerce Gift Cards 

Ultimate WooCommerce Gift Cards help merchants to create, sell & manage gift cards on their WooCommerce store. With this plugin, the admin can customize gift card templates, send Gift Card coupon codes as QRCode/BARCode, create reusable gift cards, and send balance notifications to the customers. Ultimate Gift Cards for WooCommerce also provides features to share Gift Cards through Emails, WhatsApp, SMS & easy to download PDFs for offline printing.

  • Create and sell WordPress gift cards in your native language
  • Sell Gift Cards at your store in four different pricing types
  • Customize predefined gift card templates
  • Customize the coupon code length, usage, prefix, expiry date, etc.
  • Showcase gift card products on the shop page as well as on a separate page
  • Redeem gift cards on online and retail store
  • Set gift cards for individual use so that customers can’t use any other coupon along with the gift card
  • Exclude products, categories, or sale items to restrict customers from buying specific items
  • Enable or Disable tax calculation for gift card products

Wrapping Up

Through this article, we hope to provide useful apps for your WooCommerce store. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions! 

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