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Top BigCommerce Apps Support POS

BigCommerce Apps POS

BigCommerce is one of the first and most popular eCommerce platforms on the market, and for a good reason: it’s fast, easy to use, and affordable. Several BigCommerce apps POS have been developed exclusively for this platform, which helps enhance both your customer experience and your business operations.


ConnectPOS is an all-in-one BigCommerce app that provides you with an easy-to-use point-of-sale system for all your retail needs. In addition, ConnectPOS syncs up with your BigCommerce store to provide an uninterrupted, smooth customer experience.

Main Features

  • Integration: ConnectPOS synchronizes with your BigCommerce store while allowing you to integrate third-party eCommerce shopping cart systems.
  • Reports: Manage orders – orders waiting in transit and orders completed – to provide you with relevant information.
  • Order Management: Create, edit, duplicate and delete orders. In addition, it can send emails when orders are shipped or in transit and edit/view customer information on the order.
  • Inventory Management: Scan barcodes on products or enter UPCs to manage inventory costs.
  • Loyalty Programs: Create and manage loyalty programs to reward your customers for repeat business.
  • Payments: Accept payments from multiple payment providers such as PayPal, Payment Express, Authorize.Net, Stripe, and many more!


  • There are three packages available from ConnectPOS: Standard ($39/month), Advance ($69/month), and Premium ($89/month).
  • For assistance with customization, please email [email protected].


  • ConnectPOS offers great customer support at no additional cost. Support is available through email, live chat, and phone 24/7.
  • It has an extensive knowledge base for you to find further information to grow your business.
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Pulse Commerce

Pulse Commerce is a comprehensive all-in-one app that can be used to track product orders and inventory, manage customer records and accounts and integrate with multiple payment gateways.

Main Features

  • Connect to BigCommerce to track all incoming orders, inventory, customers, and more.
  • Integrate with multiple payment gateways.
  • Manage store-level inventory, customers, and products through a central dashboard.
  • Export data in real-time to BigCommerce or export to QuickBooks.
  • Create store-level product coupons and loyalty programs.


  • Pulse Commerce provides you with customized quotes based on your specific needs.


  • Online support through live chat and email.

S Loyalty

This is one of the biggest BigCommerce apps for POS, enabling customers to receive loyalty points for purchasing. S Loyalty helps you stay in touch with your customers over time and could be the key to keeping them loyal.

Main Features

  • Integrate with multiple payment gateways.
  • Manage customer accounts and point balances through a central dashboard.
  • Attract repeat customers by rewarding them for their loyalty.
  • Generate reports to help you gain insights into your business performance.
  • Contact customers via email, SMS, or through BigCommerce to boost engagement.


  • Offer free version.
  • The monthly plan starts at $19.99.


  • Get support by calling or emailing the team.
  • Find help topics and FAQs available on the website.

Happy Returns by PayPal

The popular PayPal returns program, now integrated into BigCommerce, allows you to sell taxable and exempt items. Allowing customers to return items within a certain period will help you save costs and increase profits.

Main Features

  • Track and manage all product returns with one simple interface.
  • Run reports and post-return activities via the dashboard.
  • Sell taxable & exempt items.
  • Receive customers’ original shipping addresses when they change their minds.
  • Send email receipts to customers.
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  • Happy Returns has three monthly packages: Pro ($350), Plus ($500), Enterprise (customized).


  • Get support by calling or emailing the team.
  • Help topics and FAQs are available on the website.

Final Words

Several BigCommerce apps for POS can provide you with important features such as loyalty programs, customer support services, and more. Especially ConnectPOS, one of the best BigCommerce POS systems, can provide you with everything you need to run your business smoothly. Try the free version now!

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