Top 7 POS for bookstore to read your customers like a book Steven P May 31, 2022
Top 7 POS for bookstore to read your customers like a book

The development of technology has made all management activities easier thanks to the software integrated with convenient and intelligent functions, one of which is the POS system. For bookstores with thousands of books, the POS system offers many benefits in managing your products and bookstore. In this article, we introduce the top 7 best POS for bookstores.

Top 7 POS for bookstore 


ConnectPOS is a great POS for the bookstore. With this POS system, your bookstore will be neatly managed so that you can respond to customers’ needs immediately. With the integrated inventory management feature, you will be able to provide it when customers request it. Besides, ConnectPOS also supports a 14-day trial with many utilities.

Top 7 POS for bookstore to read your customers like a book


Lightspeed is a highly rated POS for bookstores with plans starting at just $69/month for a single subscription (billed annually). This POS system provides features such as streamlining the book ordering process, quickly organizing and updating book inventory, and managing and initiating orders efficiently. In addition, it can also integrate with other programs to help your bookstore succeed in the promotion process.


Vend’s system will help you easily manage large bookstores. You can add, edit or remove books from your database in seconds, or import an existing catalog. Vend also supports inventory tracking as well as online and in-store sales. The system continues to improve and add new features that make it one of the best POS systems on the list.


Square is a comprehensive POS suitable for bookstores. Square’s interface is search-focused, making it easy for bookstore owners to navigate large amounts of inventory. This system allows them to create and update information about books, and also helps to manage orders.

Shopify POS

Shopify is an ideal POS for bookstores with prices starting at just $29/month. With Shopify, your bookstore can upload an entire inventory of books and their associated images or information. Besides, this POS for bookstores also makes it possible for customers to pay by credit. However, your bookstore needs to be aware of its Internet connection and ability to work offline.


KRONA Cloud POS is a POS system with reasonable pricing starting at $49/month with great starter features. The system provides powerful inventory management tools that any bookstore can use. You can easily track and manage your bookstore inventory, create and manage product listings, sort by multiple categories, and stay informed about your store’s exact item stock. Alternatively, your bookstore can implement loyalty programs with this POS system.

Shopkeep POS

Shopkeep is a POS system suitable for small and medium bookstores. The system is based on a cloud algorithm and allows you to access the bookstore’s sales records whenever there is an Internet connection. It will always be updated to maintain and acquire a large customer base, manage the bookstore inventory and create the right catalog.


The right POS systems will make it easier to manage and operate your bookstore business. 

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