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Top 5 Shopify wishlist apps

Shopify wishlist apps

These days, when information technology develops, people are always looking for utilities and applications to make life more convenient, faster, and easier. In particular, in e-commerce, people often expect speed and reliability, so the Shopify wishlist app is the app that users love, use, and highly appreciate for its features.

The advantages of Shopify Wishlist app

Shopify, with its user-friendly features, is used by many users because of its convenience. Using Shopify, you won’t have to worry about technology as all the software and hosting are provided by Shopify. This will make it easier to get up and running, and Shopify’s hosting will also be faster and safer with good security and safety. This is a good SEO and Marketing tool, helping you save time and still achieve effective quality. Shopify offers you multiple payment gateways and you can have your own payment gateway.

Top 5 Shopify Wishlist Apps

We prepare the top 5 Shopify wishlist apps below, which are highly user-friendly and highly rated apps that will help you get the best experience.


Trusted by huge game players in the retail industry such as Unilever and Aldo, Growave is one of the greatest choices for your Shopify Wishlist feature. Wishlist reduces shopping cart abandonment and sends targeted emails to fulfill sales from customers who showed intent but didn’t end up purchasing.

Some of the most notable features by Growave are:

  • Let visitors collect, compare, and buy more
  • Turn wishlists into sales
  • Increase sales with social proof

Wishlist Plus

Wishlist Plus is the most loved app on Shopify. This application provides users with utilities that are both simple and effective. This full-featured app allows users to log in to save favorites and is designed for smartphone devices. It helps your store re-engage old customers, drive traffic, and make purchases with a feature that focuses on wishlist engagement with relevant email and media ads. The app helps users get personalized, and fast to match the brand.

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You can start using the app within 5 minutes of downloading and customizing the interface to integrate with your favorite Shopify theme. The app also offers Out-of-the-box integration with email service providers like Mailchimp, Klaviyo, ReSci, Sailthru, Bronto, Dotmailer, and others, with social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and with CRM tools like Salesforce, Zaius.

Price: You can use Wishlist Plus for a 30-day free trial and try the price of $14.99/month for the starter. 

Wishlist King

Wishlist King is a wishlist app on Shopify with lots of good user reviews. This application helps your business to interact with customers better because it provides a free installation and setup utility. Besides, Wishlist King also helps users to share wishlists via social media or via Email, and also analyzes that wishlist to make it personalized.

Thanks to this app, your business will easily know what the consumer wish list is, the products they most want, see which consumer likes a particular product, set the date, and complete the export CSV to drive ads.

Price: You can try a 14-day free trial or try the price starts at $4.95/month. 

Wishlist ‑ Wishify

Wishlist – Wishify is a consumer favorite application on Shopify, which is also a useful tool for e-commerce businesses. This app allows users to gather and remember all their favorites in one place for shopping convenience. For businesses, Wishlist – Wishify helps them retain customers who have added their products to favorites, thereby helping them to better serve and advise customers and increase sales.

This application has an add-to-cart feature, which is very convenient for customers’ shopping and business sales. Along with integration with email, Wishify will send emails to consumers, reminding them of their favorite products or products in the shopping cart, thereby, supporting both buying and selling.

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Price: Fortunately, Wishify allows users to download and use it for free, if you want the advanced version, try it for only $5.99/month.

WishList + Reminder

Reminder is a popular Shopify wishlist app, it encourages consumers to return to your store and add more products to their cart. WishList + Reminder helps your business to expand its profit potential by attracting customers who were once interested in your product but they didn’t buy it, the app will help you stay in touch and market with those potential customers. 

WishList + Reminder offers users the ability to decide what their favorites list should look like and the format of subsequent emails and when they are sent.

Price: WishList + Reminder offers users a 14-day free trial, then they can try the price starting at just $5/month. 

Smart Wishlis

Smart Wishlist is the standout application among Shopify wishlist apps, which allows users to create wish lists without any registration or login. It has a very simple interface that is easy to use and a wish list can be created quickly with only one click away. The application is very easy to install, anyone with no experience can easily do this.

Smart Wishlist integrates with user accounts on stores, helping customers have a better shopping experience and help your store increase sales. The application also helps users to share their favorite product list on social networking sites with the support of many languages besides English.

Price: Smart Wishlist provide utilities with prices starting at $4.99/month or you can try up to 60 free trial days. 

ConnectPOS in tandem with Shopify wishlist app 

ConnectPOS is a powerful and user-friendly point-of-sale system that has been developed with retailers in mind. As a close collaborator of Shopify, this software offers a wide range of features that can help businesses to grow and become more efficient. 

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The first feature that ConnectPOS offers is Standard Transaction. This feature enables you to process transactions quickly and easily, whether you are selling products in a physical store or online. You can accept payments through multiple channels, including cash, credit card, and mobile payments. ConnectPOS also supports a range of payment gateways, meaning you can choose the ones that work best for your business.

Another great feature is Product and Order Management. It allows you to manage your inventory and orders more efficiently so you never run out of stock or miss an order. You can track your inventory levels in real-time and set up alerts to notify you when stock levels are running low. ConnectPOS also enables you to customize your orders and manage them from one central location.

Customer Management is another important feature of ConnectPOS. It lets you track your customer’s buying habits, preferences, and contact details. You can use this information to create personalized marketing campaigns and offer special deals to loyal customers. The system also supports loyalty programs, which means that you can reward your purchasers for their loyalty with exclusive discounts and promotions.

Omnichannel Support is also an impressive feature. With it, you can sell your products through multiple channels, including physical stores, online marketplaces, and social media platforms. ConnectPOS provides a range of tools for managing multiple sales channels, including inventory synchronization, order management, and pricing control.

This software also offers various advanced features such as Personalization, 24/7 support, and Customization. With Personalization, you can tailor your store to meet the specific needs of your customers. 24/7 support ensures that you can get help whenever you need it, while Customization enables you to customize your store’s branding and design to match your company’s unique identity.


In short, Shopify is a great place to find the right apps for you for memorable experiences. Now, contact us to choose the most suitable products for your business!

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