Top 5 Retail Inventory Software For Retail Business

Retail business owners seem to hesitate before spending money on inventory software because they are very concerned about their budget. But there are several reasonably-priced retail inventory software that includes helpful automation tools to save time and prevent sales loss. Here are the top 5 notable inventory solutions for retail companies.

Multi Source Inventory: Efficient retail inventory software

MSI effortlessly simplifies the inventory management process of every merchant. It handles multiple warehouses and supports inventory fulfillment with visible systems.


MSI is integrated into ConnectPOS, which is a seamless omnichannel solution, so this inventory software is free to use.


  • All products can be created, read, updated, and deleted.
  • Make a collection for each product category.
  • Organize your internal delivery.
  • Keep track of where your inventory comes from.
  • Scan the barcode on the inventory.
  • When a certain threshold is reached, it automatically generates purchase orders.
  • Set up your stock as you like, using fixed quantities or the addition method.

Best for

Every store owner who wants to run and grow their retail business 

Orderhive: All-in-one tool

Orderhive is an inexpensive retail inventory software with sophisticated features and numerous connections that can easily become your all-in-one partner.


There are 5 pricing plans:

  • Free: For basic order, shipping, and inventory management of Shopify users.
  • Lite: $49.99 per month (200 orders and one user; orders above the limit cost $0.30 each).
  • Starter: $149.99 per month (1,200 orders and three users, with extra orders costing $0.15 each).
  • Growth: $299.99 per month (3,000 orders and five users; orders over the limit cost $0.12 each).
  • Enterprise: Contact the company for custom pricing and unlimited users.


  • Automated purchase order (PO) creation.
  • Easily transfer stock between warehouses.
  • Bulk add, update, or delete products.
  • Link or unlink products with different SKUs or names.
  • Supports barcode scanning.
  • A knowledge base, including e-books and videos, is all available in this extensive resource hub.

Best for

Suitable for almost all types of business.

inFlow: User-friendly solution

This retail inventory software includes a central inventory database and B2B showrooms where clients can view and purchase your products.


There are 3 pricing plans:

  • Light: $79 per month (2 users, one location, 100 orders, 3 integrations, and 2 hours of setup support).
  • Standard: $199 per month (5 users, unlimited sites, 1,000 orders, 3 integrations, and 4 hours of setup assistance).
  • Plus: $499 per month (10 users, unlimited locations, 10,000 orders, unlimited integrations, and 6 hours of setup).


  • Payments from vendors, order histories, and purchase orders are all available.
  • 14 sales, seven purchasing, and fourteen inventory reports are included in the business intelligence reports.
  • Create open-to-the-public B2B showrooms or password-protected showrooms for certain clients.
  • Invoices and receipts can be sent via email.
  • Contact details and order history are available.

Best for

B2B companies

Lightspeed: For small shops

Lightspeed is combined with stock tracking tools, plenty of integrations, and outstanding e-commerce capabilities.


There are 4 pricing plans:

  • Lean: $69 per month with basic POS and retail operations.
  • Standard: $119 per month for accounting and e-commerce functions.
  • Advanced: $199 per month to have Lightspeed’s loyalty program and analytics.
  • Enterprise: It includes all of the benefits of the Advanced plan, plus additional benefits such as customized consulting and preferential Lightspeed Payment rates.


  • Inventory levels and SKUs can be tracked across various locations.
  • Coupons, promotions, giveaways, and employee discounts are all possible.
  • Your eCommerce syncs with in-store inventory.
  • Set up reordering policies for customers.
  • Compatibility with bundled products
  • It provides imported vendor catalog files and calculated COGS.

Best for

Retails stores

Upserve: To boost your profile

Upserve‘s automated system is a retail inventory software that keeps track of your materials and expenses.


There are 3 pricing plans:

  • Core: $59 per month per location plus a $60 terminal fee for other features (POS, marketing, and reputation).
  • Pro: $199 per month per location plus a $50 terminal fee for inventory management and a loyalty program.
  • Pro Plus: $359 per month per location plus a $40 terminal fee for API access and advanced account management.


  • Compare and contrast released stock reports with predicted ones.
  • Keep track of your ingredient stock in real-time.
  • Receive notifications when goods are running low on stock.
  • Sync your recipes with your point-of-sale system.
  • When you obtain new goods, automatically replenish amounts.

Best for



Retail inventory software needs to be affordable with a simple user interface and can meet your specific requirements. If you still find it struggling to come up with the best solution, call us right now to get the most useful advice.

Ariel Dg

A Content Contributor at ConnectPOS - the POS system that interfaces directly with leading eCommerce platforms!

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