US vaping laws make it harder to sell vape online. So what to do now? ConnectPOS Content Creator October 15, 2023

US vaping laws make it harder to sell vape online. So what to do now?

US vaping laws

The US vaping laws have come out. These are considered the most extended legislation Congress has ever passed. What are they? And do they make it harder to sell vape online? What to do now? Check out this post for the answers.

What Are the new US vaping laws?

According to the regulations, the PACT Act has now been applicable to every vaping item. Any firm delivering packages of vaping goods over state lines is required to save every sales record and then transmit them to the tobacco taxation authority agencies in the area where the firm delivers the products. 

Also, the laws have ordered the US Postal Service to carry out a ban on vaping goods deliveries to customers. It is applicable to e-liquid, coils, tanks, and devices. A lot of vapers have regarded the omnibus spending bill last year as the ‘vape mail ban’ because of that. 

How do these laws influence you if you sell vape online?

Some less sizable vape stores have gone out of business after the validity of the new US vaping laws. The reason is they failed to deal with the challenges of following the regulations. Should you want to survive, you had better follow them. When the state implements tax charging on vaping items, your online store would collect it from your customer in the checkout procedure. 

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Also, with the ban carried out by the US Postal Service, vape mails will be stopping. Your vape stores could not switch to DHL, UPS or similar, since every one of these carriers has banned deliveries of vaping items. 

So what to do now?

First things first, we suggest leveraging private courier networks. Have networks ready to gear up for the vape mail ban. Should your customers be in a main metropolitan place, they may not need to worry. There is a high chance that the couriers will ship to the area they are. But the couriers do not cover some smaller places such as Alaska. Assuming the couriers can ship to where your customers are, they likely need to pay higher prices and plan their buys. By doing so, they can purchase in bulk and reduce their product delivery costs. 

Also, your shop should make use of a trusted POS system like ConnectPOS to streamline the operations. It is one of the best POS solutions for the omnichannel experience. Some of its notable features? ConnectPOS works to control your vape goods with one point of sale system and organizes them systematically. The software likewise closely tracks your stocks. With the system, your vape shop will run seamlessly with no disparities between multiple warehouses or stores. Plus, the customization feature allows you to develop the POS system most suited to your demands. 


You should be prepared for adjustments according to the US vaping laws. Operating your vape store is beyond working on operations. It also has to do with handling adjustments in regulations. ConnectPOS provides technological solutions for your shops to survive and thrive whatever happens out there. For further information, reach us.

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